How To Freezer Cook

How to freezer cook. Freezer cooking is a beneficial way to cook for SAHMs and anyone wanting to cook in bulk and save time and money while providing healthy food for your family.

Freezer cooking is a method of cooking that allows one to bulk cook in a single day and freeze the contents so as not to have to plan meals each day.

This method is especially beneficial for the stay at home mom or parents who have a busy lifestyle wanting an easy answer to a fast, healthy meal. Once you have cooked and your freezer is well stocked, the food is at your fingertips ready to be defrosted, reheated and eaten. You have virtually no clean-up, no cooking over the stove and are not caught off guard at 5:00 p.m. when dinner times rolls around.

Another benefit of freezer cooking or once a month cooking is the amount of money saved. It is well-known that when one buys in bulk, the price is reduced. For example: One pound of ground chuck may cost $1.79 lb. If you buy 20 lbs. you may likely find it around .99 cents lb. Another factor to consider is this, if one has access to quick food they are not as inclined to go out to eat at the last minute to save time, therefore saving several dollars on eating out expenses.

To freezer cook, one must plan your menu, shop in bulk, assemble meals, freeze and enjoy the luxury of once a month cooking!

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