Freudian Dream Theory: The Symbolism Of Emotions In Dreams

Everyday we face different emotions. In our dreams, they can be even more intense. What is the symbolism of emotions in our dreams?


A dream containing abhorrence is a warning of danger and difficult times ahead. If the feeling is not strong, then you will overcome your difficulties.


Feelings of anger in a dream are a carry over from your daily life. Examine the rest of the dream to discover what has you so upset.


Like feelings of anger, feelings of anxiety are usually a carry over from everyday life.


A dream of calm is a good omen, symbolizing that you will live a long rewarding life. Seeing calm waters means your business dealings are sound. If someone has to calm you down in your dream, then you will experience many losses if you can't keep your cool.


Crying a dream has the same meaning as it does when you cry in real life. Depending on context, it can be a release of negative emotions or of joy. See also: Depression.


A dream of depression is usually a dream of opposites. For example, if you dream that you are depressed over the loss of love means you will soon have a new love. etc. If you are depressed and crying; however, expect some bad news close to home. See also: Crying.


Experiencing ecstacy in a dream foretells a period of happiness in the form of joy from your family and friends. If your dream is disturbing and you still experience ecstacy, then you will soom feel sadness from a broken love affair.


Feeling frustration represents something you find hard to cope with. Examine the rest of your dream to discover the cause of your frustration.


A carry over from daily life. Can also represent your feelings of insecurities.


Dreams of love are dreams of acceptance and belonging. Seeing a couple in love means your present project will be met with success. If you are expressing ture love in your dream, then you will have happiness and contentment in your life. If you feel lust in your dream, then you will have failure and discontent soon.


If someone holds malice towards you, this is a dream warning you to look out for false friends. If the malice is not towards you, you will receive unexpected financial help. If you are the one with malice in your heart, then you need to control your temper before you lose friends or loved ones.


A dream of panic represents a lack of control in your life. It can also represent feelings of confusion.


Seeing someone in a rage is a bad sign for your business, and also represents a degree of social unhappiness on your part. If you are in a rage, your temper will cause unhappiness or harm to your friends. A lover or spouse in a rage indicates unhappiness in your love life. See also: Anger.

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