Best Friends Forever: Bff Photograph Collage Craft Project

A best friends forever photo collage is the perfect way to put all of those happy memories in one place.

Want a special way to preserve happy memories and use those photos of you and your best friend? A best friends forever photo collage is the perfect way to put all of those memories in one place.

First collect all of the pictures you can find of you and your best friend. If you'd like you can also find pictures of thing you both like, pictures of places you've been together, and so forth to use. Be sure to go through any digital pictures you may have. There's a strong chance you have some good ones that you haven't printed out yet. If you have any pictures that you'd like to use but absolutely do not want to cut (remember this is a collage, these pictures will be cut and glued) be sure to make a copy before starting this project.

Now that you have all of your pictures there are a few other items you will need to complete this collage. A piece of cardboard or poster board (choose the size that works best for you), a glue stick or double sided tape, and scissors. Scrapbooking scissors (those ones that make decorative edges), markers, stickers, and glitter while optional they will add an artistic touch.

Take your collection of pictures and start cutting. You want to be sure to include in the picture you and / or your best friend and any other details in the picture that are important to that memory. Such as if you went to a theme park and you both took and picture with a costumed character you wouldn't want to cut the character out of the picture or if you went to the beach you will want the beach to still be visible in your picture. The point of cutting the pictures is to make them more interesting to the eye by cutting out wasted space and keeping the important parts. You can cut them into fun shapes or use those fancy scrapbooking scissors to give them cute edges. Ultimately when making a collage you cut the pictures because they will be carefully layered together.

Once you have cut all of the pictures the way you want them, take your piece of cardboard and start placing them on it. Do not glue yet. This step is to figure out how you want them on the collage and to make sure they fit together well. It is very important to get a feel for what the finished product will look like before committing to glue, which generally can't be undone. If you have a lot of blank space that you'd like to fill up consider finding more pictures either of you and your best friend or just pictures of things that are relevant to your friendship, or use glitter, stickers, or markers. If you find you have more pictures than space you can either buy a bigger piece of cardboard or prioritize your pictures by choosing only your favorites.

After you have everything where you want it you can start gluing down the pictures. It's best to just leave everything where it is, pick up one picture, glue it, and then repeat with the next picture. This way nothing will get out of place. If the glue or tape you are using isn't sticking well you can use white craft glue, just be careful to use it sparingly since it has a tendency to get messy.

Last of all, remember a photo collage is all about preserving and displaying your memories. There is no wrong way to do that, so ultimately this is a goof proof project. It's all about making it your own so as long as it reflects your friendship and you are satisfied with the end result then that's all that matters.

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