Frugal Consumer Guide: Flea Markets And Finding Deals

How to shop at swap meets to get the best bargains. Includes seasonal tips as well as ideas about negotioating.

Do you have fun or is it a chore when you go to the flea market? True enough, you're not in a air condition building like a mall and you might not even get a bag to put your merchandise in. You might have to walk quite a bit and you might leave there without a thing. Going to the flea market should be fun and productive. How do you get the best deals at the flea market?

The first thing is when you go to the flea market you should have a plan. This is not like going to a department store to a specific area that you're looking for something. But you do need to know exactly what you're looking for, for that day. This will help to keep you on track from picking up so many unnecessary things. When you have a specific thing you're looking for, you need to start out early. The earliest you get there, the most chance you might have in finding what you want. Flea markets are not stores, they're a first come, first serve base. If you're there when they first open you might have a chance of finding what you want. Have a price in mind for how much you want to spend when you get there. Be ready to ask for the price you want and also be ready for sometimes you might not get it at that price. If it's really what you want and unique, it might be worth paying the price that they are asking for. Have some small dollars, along with large bills, so you can get things without making a lot of change. This will make purchasing things much easier. If you buy a large item make sure whatever you "˜re driving can accommodate large items. You don't want to drag large things around with you while you're still looking. If you don't have any specific thing that you are looking for, you can get some of the best deals on the last day. The very last day the flea market is going to be there, they will lower their prices tremendously so they won't have to pack everything back up. If you can wait until an hour before they close, you will be amaze at the deals you'll get. They're practically giving things away.

Going to the flea market should be fun and relaxing. It's also some of the most serious shopping that you can do. The joy of the flea market is you never know what treasures you'll going to find. Sometimes it's best to go alone if you have certain things you're looking for so you won't be distracted by someone else. If you're going to just browse and pick up any deals, it's always fun going with a friend. Make a day of it and being with someone can help you from spending money that you shouldn't. When you flea market shop you have to be ready to make decisions quickly, because if you don't you might not get the deal for someone else picking it up. One of the things you have to understand about a flea market is anything that you buy will be a deal and probably one of a kind.

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