Fun Activities For Kids

Fun activities to do with kids on rainy days. Recipes for playdough and paint and other cool ideas for stuff you can find at home.

Being stuck at home with the kids does not mean that you have to go crazy trying to find something for them to do. Try these simple, easy to do ideas with things you may already have in your cupboards.

Play dough Recipe

1 cup of All Purpose Flour

½ cup of salt

1 tablespoon of Cream of Tartar

1 tablespoon of Vegetable Oil

1 cup of Water

A few drops of Vegetable food coloring

Method: Mix all the dry ingredients together in a microwave safe bowl and then add the wet ingredients. Mix well and microwave on high for 2 minutes. Remove and stir. Microwave again for 1 minute. Allow to cool before kneading thoroughly. Store it in the fridge covered with wrap and knead before each use.

Use some old containers for rolling, cookie cutters for shapes. Even leaves and sticks are good accessories.

Paint Recipe

1 tablespoon of Corn Starch

Cold Water

Boiling water

Vegetable food coloring or paint tempera

Method: Put the cornstarch in a paint pot (or cup) and mix it with enough cold water until it forms a paste. Pour boiling hot water over the mixture while stirring, until desired thickness is reached. The mixture will thicken instantly.

Use as finger paint, general paint or add a touch of craft glue to use for paper mache' or other gluing activities.

You can do the finger painting on a table and make prints by laying a piece of paper over the table. Painting half a piece of paper and then folding in two can make butterfly painting.

Try painting with different instruments such as sponges, leaves, cutlery and lids.

Threading activities

Large and small pasta with holes in the middle (rigatoni, macaroni, penne)


Vegetable dye

Large, blunt thread able needles (available at craft stores)

Colored cardboard

Hole puncher

Method: To dye the pasta for colorful necklace threading. Toss the pasta in a seal able plastic bag with a few drops of vegetable dye and then lay flat on paper towel to dry. When dry, tie one piece of pasta to the end of the string by threading it though and knotting at the opposite end. This will prevent the other pasta from falling off.

For sewing activity, punch holes around the cardboard and know the string at one hole. Use the needle to thread in and out of the holes in whatever pattern you have punched out.

You can do heaps of things if you put your mind to it and imagine!

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