Fun Autumn Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Make decorations for your home this Autumn with a little help from Mother Nature.

Autumn is a season like no other, bringing with it endless decorating resources. With a little creativity and lots of help from Mother Nature, you can make, create and enjoy these seasonal decorations.


Clear bowl

Red apples

Green apples



Using a large bowl made of plastic or glass, layer apples and nuts by color and size, until you have a nice mixture. For added seasonal enjoyment, place bowl on colorful placemat dotted with dry, Autumn leaves, pinecones, nutcracker, or other fall favorites. This finished project makes a nice coffee table treat or kitchen table centerpiece.


Pinecones (Enough to fill a 1-gallon size container)



Scissors or razor blade

Draw an outline of the shape and size wreath you plan to make on a piece of cardboard. (You can also use pre-formed styrofoam wreath patterns or cutouts.) Using a scissors or razor blade, cut the pattern from the cardboard and lay flat on a work surface area.

In random fashion, glue one layer of pinecones directly on to the cardboard pattern and allow to dry thoroughly. When dry, add another layer of pinecones. (You can continue adding layers until you are satisfied with the overall look of the wreath.)

When finished, spray a fine layer of waterproof coating over your creation. Hang and enjoy!

You can also paint this wreath in Christmas colors with household spray paint or glitter for Winter months!


Woven basket



Fill a plain woven basket with leaves collected during Autumn. You can change your assortment as the season progresses to keep the look fresh and crisp. Add acorns, pinecones, dried flowers, fresh fruit, or a small pine branch to the basket and set out for a true touch of the season!


One colorful Autumn leaf

Picture frame

Construction paper

Mount one leaf (using glue or other adhesive) to a piece of construction paper small enough to sit inside picture frame. (To straighten or press leaf, you can iron it by placing in in between a damp towel.) Insert leaf and paper into frame and set among other pictures or on decorative shelf with other colorful items.


Pumpkin (cleaned, hollowed, and carved)

Tall candle

Small pumpkins or gourds

Clean and empty one medium to large sized pumpkin. Carve round holes, interesting designs, or leaf shaped cutouts through the pumpkin. Place tall candle in center and lay on straw mat in the center of table. Arrange a small handful of smaller pumpkins or gourds around the placemat. Light candle and enjoy your adult pumpkin centerpiece!


Pumpkin (cleaned and hollowed)

Various flowers

Small glass, vase, or container

Hollow out your pumpkin and clean it thoroughly. Place one small glass or short vase inside the pumpkin and fill with water and fresh flowers. Water daily. Set out anywhere and enjoy!


Straw wreath

Freshly fallen leaves

Ribbon (optional)

Stick pins

Using stick pins, attach leaves to straw wreath. You can add brightly colored fall ribbons to your creation or create a trailing ribbon of leaves by gluing leaves directly on to a wide ribbon strip. Add new, fresh leaves as the season progresses.



Wax paper



Measure an approximate size for your placemat. You'll need two sheets of wax paper per placemat. Cut, measure and set aside. Gather your leaves. Place one sheet of wax paper (wax side up) on your work surface. Add leaves at will, no more than one layer thick. Add top layer of wax paper, wax side down.

Place a thin towel over your arrangement. Using an iron set on low, slowly and carefully press the iron into the placemat and glide across surface. Repeat after flipping placemat over. Allow to cool.

Trim edges and enjoy!


Small pumpkin, apple or gourd (Cored)

Votive candle

Core a mini-pumpkin, apple or gourd and clean well. Add votive candle. Place in bathroom or entryway for fresh fall year round! (Note: Never leave unattended.)


You can add festive autumn touches to your yard or your home's exterior, too! Make a scarecrow and place him against a bale of hay, in the center of a large pile of leaves, leaning against a lamp post or garage, or standing guard at the front door. Pile several pumpkins on top of each other and prop them near the driveway, on a porch, or at the top of entryway stairs. Leave a small pile of leaves out when raking the yard and plop an armful of pumpkins and squash in the center.


With a few small fallen branches, you can add a touch of Autumn to any room! Lay a small to medium sized branch across a fireplace mantle or behind a collection of photos! Place a small pine branch in a dish of colorful leaves on the bathroom or kitchen counter for fall freshness and color. Tie a small group of pine boughs together with twine and hang upside down on the door or wall.


Collect a few cattails during a leisurely fall walk and you have another way to bring the outdoors inside this season. Cattails can be grouped together in a tall vase, tied with a ribbon and laid on a mantle, or just tied with twine and placed on a coffee table, bookshelf, or desktop.


Small ears of Indian corn can lots of appeal to this season's decorations. Tie small cobs of corn together with strips of burlap, twine or raffia and add to centerpieces, hang from doors or windows, or toss in a wicker basket and add to bathroom shelves or bookcase shelves. Bundle corn shocks together with twine and place outside with pumpkin piles or leaves.


Fall leaves can be added to almost anything. Tack them against bulletin boards in children's rooms or the kitchen area, line shelves, fill bowls, add to clay pots, or anywhere your imagination takes you.


Acorns can go almost anywhere that leaves can. Glue acorns to a picture frame, place them in a small bowl or add to an existing centerpiece.


Anything dark or wood colored makes a fantastic background for Autumn's festive colors. Wood bowls, wicker baskets, dark glass bowls and the like can be filled with acorns, fresh fruit, leaves, nuts or a hearty mixture of various outdoor items.

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