Fun And Creative Birthday Parties For Kids

Ideas for fun and creative birthday party themes for kids, including invitations, activities, and goodies.

Having a birthday is always a big event for kids and having a birthday party makes the big day even better. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with new and different ideas for party themes that have not already been done five times that year. It just takes a little creativity to come up with fun ideas that your children and their friends will enjoy and remember for years to come. The following are a few ideas to get you started.

*Mixed Up Holiday Party - A birthday is your own holiday, so why not celebrate it along with the other holidays all at once? A mixed up holiday party combines elements from all different types of holidays and forms them into one fun birthday event. For this party, pull out a few of your decorations from each holiday. For instance, you may want to put up an artificial Christmas tree and decorate it with pumpkins, hearts, bunnies, and shamrocks. Serve snacks that represent the various holidays such as witches' brew punch and Christmas cookies. The children will think it is funny to see all the holidays combined into one wacky birthday party.

*Doll and Stuffed Animal Fashion Show Party - Most children have some sort of doll or stuffed animal that they can dress up. For this party, invite all the children to bring their favorite doll or stuffed animal to the party so that each can model the child's favorite outfit for the doll. Set up tables to form a runway for the children to have their dolls model upon. Have the children to draw numbers to see in which order they will participate. Play music in the background and have an announcer describe what each doll is wearing. Have someone to take pictures of the fashion show that can be given to the children. The more dramatic the fashion show is, the more then children will enjoy it.

*All Sports Party - Many children enjoy one sport or another. For this party, invite each child to dress as his or her favorite sports hero or in the attire of his or her favorite sport. Send out invitations depicting some sort of sports theme. Decorate your venue with various sports gear and get a birthday cake that looks like a type of sports ball. This would be a good party at which to entertain the children with fun and low-key games.

*Be Your Own Superhero Party - Most children enjoy playing dress up, so a birthday party theme that involves a costume will always be a treat for kids. For this theme, invite each child to dress up as either his or her favorite superhero or to be creative and make up his or her own superhero. When you make up your own, you can be absolutely any type of superhero that you can think of. For instance, if a child is musical, he or she could be "Super Music Man" or "Super Music Woman" and might wear a cape with music notes on it. This is a fun activity that children can get involved in. During the party, address each child by his or her superhero name. Carry the theme through to the invitations and the birthday cake, as well. Make sure to take lots of pictures!

These are just a few ideas to help your birthday party creativity emerge. Many of these ideas can be done on a budget, so as not to break your bank on one party. Once you give it a little thought, you can probably come up with all sorts of fun ideas that will create birthday memories for your child to cherish forever.

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