Fun Drinking Games

Six different types of drinking games and how each is played.

Everyone loves to play games. When that love of games is combined with a love of drinking you end up with fun drinking games. Most people have played a drinking game when with a group of friends or at a party. These games can be simple or complex. Some games are more about playing the actual game with drinking sprinkled in to add a fun dimension. Other games are completely about the drinking with the game as a way to produce laughter and show off how intoxicated you are. There are six common types of drinking games. Each type of game can have a number of variations. So, grab a few friends and some drinks and let's get started.

Card Drinking Games

Drinking card games are basically gambling, but using alcohol instead of cash. Any card game can be used. For an easy game that doesn't take a lot of explanation try the old stand by, "Go Fish". In this game when a player must go fish" in addition to taking a card or cards they take a drink or drinks. In a poker-like game a drink would be taken for the loser of the hand. To add a challenge the number of drinks could be equal to the amount lost. Use any card game you like to play, inserting drinking as the "penalty"

Dice Drinking Games

Dice drinking games closely resemble the card drinking games. Games like "Yahtzee" work like the "poker" drinking games. Store bought games, like "Boggle" can be used with some creative thought put into incorporating drinking. Just be sure to make up the rules before getting started, so that playing the game doesn't get lost.

Vocal Drinking Games

When you have limited supplies on hand to play games go simple and use a vocal game. Vocal games are fun and child-like. Most often these games involve sitting in a circle and work like a memory game. The idea is to go around making a list where each consecutive player has to add to the list while also stated everything else put on the list by previous players. When someone messes up and says an item out of order or completely omits an item they take a drink. Any sort of list can be made and this game can last hours.

Board Drinking Games

Board games are always exciting, but with the addition of alcohol they can be a riot. Drinking board games can be complex, so it may take some planning to get them initiated. It is easy to incorporate drinking into these games as all board games have something bad that can happen to you to slow down the game and add challenges. A simple game, like "checkers", uses capturing the other players pieces. For the drinking game version a player would have to take a drink when their piece gets taken by the other player. For harder games, like "monopoly" money is the key. In this case it would work like the card games where any money owed would be paid along with the debtor having to take a drink or drinks.

Drinking Games of Skill

Drinking games that involve skill are probably the best known and oldest form of drinking game. Most people's first drinking game will be a game of skill. These games are so fun because the alcohol impairs coordination and reasoning abilities. "Quarters" is a skill game using a shot glass and a quarter. Players try bouncing the quarter off the table into the glass. If they miss they must take a drink. Store bought skill games, like "Jenga", can also be used. When the player makes the tower fall they take a drink.

TV/Movie Drinking Games

Using television shows and movies to make up a drinking game is becoming popular. The popularity of shows with large followings makes for an easy platform to make up a game. The point in these games is to set a list of rules based on what characters do or say or based on predictable things that will happen during the show. A simple example is while watching a comedy and everyone drinks when the audience laughs. That is a generic example as most TV/movie drinking games are quite specific. Depending on the show you would use something that is done or said often. In these types of games the sky is the limit. There are many variations of rules and plenty of different shows and movie to base the game on.

While drinking games can be a fun way to liven up a party, please remember to drink responsibly. Let your imagination go wild to create your own drinking games. There really are no rules, so be creative and have fun!

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