Fun Easter Egg Decorating Games And Activities

Easter Egg Decorating Games and Activities are a fun way to enjoy the Easter holiday.

Decorating for Easter can be a load of fun, and believe it or not there are several games and activities that the kids can do. Here are a few game and activity ideas that are easy and fun to do.

Mosaic Easter Egg Shell Picture


-Crushed Easter egg shells (not crushed too small)

-Glue of any kind

-Construction paper or cardboard

This project is easy to do, and the kids will love doing this. All you need to do is take your crushed egg shells, and have the kids glue the shells color side up into any pattern they want. Most kids like to cover the whole surface especially if they are working with cardboard.

Mosaic Easter Egg Shell Card


-Broken Easter egg shells (not crushed too small)

-2 pieces of construction paper (any color)

-Glue (school glue or any kind)


-Crayons, markers, or whatever you want to color with


This project is not only fun for the kids, but it is easy to do too.

To make your Easter egg card you must first trace or draw an Easter pattern on one of a piece of construction paper. Most people either trace or draw an Easter egg or some other Easter related pattern on their construction paper. Then cut your pattern out, add a coat of glue on the front of the cut out pattern, and place your Easter egg shells (colored side up) to the front of your pattern. Make sure you cover it completely with the egg shells.

After your egg shell Easter pattern is dry it is time to finish your card up. Take your other piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Put your mosaic Easter egg shell pattern on top of the folded piece of construction paper, and glue it to the front of your card. Then write your Easter greeting on the front of your card, put a message inside, and put your signature below your message. You will have to give it in person, because if you try to send it in the mail your egg shells will be crushed to bits.

Walking the Easter Egg


-2 hard boiled Easter eggs

-1 spoon for every child that is playing

To play this game all you need to do is divide the kids into teams, and have them form a line. The first child at the beginning of the line takes the Easter egg and puts it in his/her spoon. Then the child passes the Easter egg to the next one in line until the egg has traveled to the end of the line, and all the way back to the beginning of the line. The first team to get the Easter egg back to the front of the line is the winner.

Tip: You can take any kids game and turn it into a specific holiday themed game. Here are some classic games that are turned into Easter games for the kids;

-Easter Memory

-Easter Bingo

-Bunny, Bunny, Rabbit

-Pin the tail on the Bunny

-The Easter Bunny Says

Just use your imagination, and you can come up with your own games for the kids to play.

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