Fun Fall Things To Do With Kids

Looking for ways to enjoy these crisp autumn days with your children? Here are some tips to get you started.

Finally the days cool down, the breeze picks up, and leaves are in the air and on the ground. It's a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors as a family. But what can you do together? Here are a few ideas that may prove fruitful for everyone in the family.

1. Have a leaf fight. First arm everyone with rakes and gather large stacks of leaves together from those scattered across your lawn. Form teams and take your places behind a stack of your choosing. Pelt your opponents with handfuls of leaves until the stack is gone. The first team to lose its pile wins.

2. Take a country drive. Stop to wander a corn maze or hop on a wagon for a hayride. Pick out pumpkins and straw bales to decorate the porch or stoop. Find an out of the way shop featuring warm cocoa or hot cider with a doughnut. Buy an inexpensive trinket or memento as a souvenir of the outing.

3. Make an autumn treat at home. Try a traditional favorite or a new experimental recipe. Old-fashioned fudge, made from scratch gingerbread, creamy pumpkin roll, or fresh molasses cake tastes great on a cool evening. Add hot tea or cold milk and your tummy will be set for a long night's nap.

4. Create a fall family scrapbook. Add photographs of each family member doing a fun activity, along with a family snapshot. Buy decorator Styrofoam leaves, footballs, or pumpkins as page accents. Write in brief descriptions of the family's fall events, along with a comment or two from each person.

5. Make autumnal placemats. Collect colorful fallen leaves of different size and shape. Arrange them in attractive but varying patterns. Press between sheets of wax paper and steam it closed with a warm (not hot) iron. Trim each placement with colorful strips of construction paper or discount fabric with a fall pattern. Place on the kitchen or dining room table for seasonal flair.

6. Plan a harvest dinner. Shop the supermarket for newly arrived fall vegetables and fruits, like apples, pumpkins, corn, and squash. Have each family member make a dinner item from one of the ingredients, using a new recipe. Try something you haven't made before, such as corn chowder, pumpkin soup, or squash used in place of pasta. Encourage everyone to sample everything at your festive dinner, punctuated by your newly made placemats.

7. Visit a neighboring community's fall festival. Some regions celebrate harvest themes with apple pickings or fresh apple butter, while others emphasize historical events like a pioneer settlement or Indian encampment. Plan a family outing to a place you've never been and enjoy the season's best.

Though everyone is busy this time of year, take time to get the family together and enjoy the fleeting days of fall! Make new memories and savor old ones as you enjoy a variety of fun activities. As the kids grow older and eventually leave home, you'll appreciate that scrapbook of memories and thoughtful reminisces.

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