Fun Games For Toddlers

A list of fun activities and games for toddlers.

Toddlers love to play. They'll play with anything - boxes, pots and pans, the mail. Sometimes they will even play with their toys. They enjoy their play even more if a grown up is playing with them. If you're looking for some fun games to play with your toddler, try a few of the activities from this list.

1. Indoor Bowling. Make ten bowling pins out of toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls cut in half. You can leave them plain or cover them with white paper so they look a little more like bowling pins. Arrange the pins and have the child roll a tennis ball or other small ball to knock them down. This works best on hard floors.

2. Bubble Catch. Kids love to chase bubbles and try to catch them. Make it an even more challenging activity by giving the child a small butterfly net to try to scoop the bubbles into.

3. Hide and Seek with Stuffed Animals. Teach a toddler hide and seek by using a stuffed animal as the "hider." Hide the stuffed animal when the child is not looking and then help him seek out its hiding place.

4. Bean Bag Toss. Invest in a set of bean bags that will come in handy again and again. One of the first games you can play with young children and bean bags is a simple toss. Have the child toss the bean bags into a laundry basket, bucket or other container. Once he has gotten skilled, make it more challenging by moving the container farther away.

5. Rolling a Ball. Sit on the floor directly across from the child. Make v's with your legs and then roll a ball back and forth. This is fun for a toddler and also helps him develop motor skills.

6. Do the Hokey Pokey. You know how to do it. Put your right leg in, Put your right leg out"¦ You may find it "hokey" but a toddler will love it.

7. Play freeze dance. This is a great activity for one or several toddlers. Put on some music and dance. When the music gets turned off everyone must freeze. Toddlers do not understand the concept of being "out" so don't make anyone sit out who moves even after the music stops. Just let everyone have fun.

8. Play Simon Says. It helps children learn to listen and follow directions. You can vary the game by holding the child's favorite stuffed animal and playing "Bear Says" or "Doggie Says."

9. Coin Counting. Take all the coins out of the child's piggy bank and count them as you put them back in. Little kids love to put coins in the slot of a bank and this helps them learn to count.

10. Tattoo Counting. If your toddler likes temporary tattoos, make a game out of putting them on. Every time you apply one, count to 30 out loud with the child.

11. Memory Card Games. There are many memory matching card games that can be purchased very inexpensively. Pairs of cards are turned upside down and players take turns at turning over two at a time, trying to find the matching cards. Toddlers with older siblings love these games because they feel like they are playing a board game like their big brother or sister does.

12. Obstacle Course. Create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course using everyday objects. Indoors you can use chairs, cushions, toys, pillows, boxes or anything else that creates an obstacle for your child to move around, over or under. Outdoors you can use lawn furniture and outdoor toys to create the course.

13. Knock it Down. This is a tried and true game that little kids love. Build a block tower as high as you can and then give the child permission to knock it down. It never fails to please.

14. Playtime in a Hat. If you've got a lot of time to fill, try this idea. It's perfect for a long rainy day. Write the names of all the games you can play and songs you can sing together on pieces of paper. Put them in a hat. Allow the child to pull one activity out at a time and then do what the paper says.

15. Working Games. Toddlers love to help so turn chore time into play time. Toddlers can put wet laundry in the dryer and count each item as it goes in. They can sort colored socks while you are folding the rest of the laundry. Get them to help clean the backyard of pinecones by giving them a small bucket and see how fast they can fill it. Any chore can be turned into a fun game.

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