Fun Gift Baskets: Baby Shower Ideas

A laundry hamper filled with baby food and feeding items makes a fantastic and very useful gift for a parent to be or new parent.

Some of the very best gifts for a parent to be or a new parent are the most practical ones. Gift baskets filled with useful items are always a great choice. Buying a pre-made gift basket may be convenient, but it may also be very expensive. Also, many of the items in a pre-made basket will never get used. Making your own gift basket is a much better choice because you can choose the items that go into it to ensure that all the items will be useful.

To make your gift basket even more useful, try using a laundry hamper as the basket. This makes it even more practical because often the baskets that are received along with the gifts end up in a closet or basement just taking up room. One very useful and practical way to fill the hamper is with food and feeding items. They always are needed.

First, you need to choose the hamper. If the mother has created a gift registry, you may want to look at the registry and see if there is a hamper on it. If there is, you can buy that hamper, and the choice is easy. If there is not a hamper already chosen, try to find out the theme or color of the nursery and try to match it. If that information is not available, a white wicker hamper will usually go with most baby rooms. Also, if price is an issue, consider buying a mesh pop-up hamper. They come in a variety of colors and usually cost less than ten dollars. The added advantage of these is that they are also very light weight and can be easily picked up and carried to the laundry area without having to remove the clothes.

Next, you need to choose the items to fill your basket. This can easily be done at a baby store or even a grocery store. You should choose food for the very earliest stages of feeding. In addition to food, you can add feeding items to give the basket a nice variety.

Here is a list of possible gifts to put in the hamper:

Baby formula (find out if the baby will be breast or formula fed first)

Single grain rice cereal

Single grain oatmeal

Jars of pre-made cereal

Stage one fruits

Stage one vegetables

Individual size baby juices

Box of teething cookies

Baby bottles

Training cup with handles

Baby food carousel

Food tote with an ice pack

Feeding spoons



Disposable bibs

Burp cloths

Wash cloths

Hand and face wipes

A plastic floor mat to place under the high chair

All of the food items will keep long enough until the baby is ready to use them, and a busy parent will be happy to have them already on hand when it is time for the baby's first use of them.

Speaking of the busy parent, why not throw in a few items for her. Some high energy foods such as granola bars, nuts, trail mix and a little chocolate will be very welcome when she is looking for a quick snack.

After you've done all your shopping, put the gifts in the hamper and tie the hamper up with a big ribbon. You are ready to present the parent to be with a very wonderful and useful gift.

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