Fun Hairstyles For Girls

Ideas on fun hairstyles for girls, including howt-to's on each.

Whether you're looking for some exciting, new ways to style your hair, having a slumber party and wanting to be create a fabulous, new doo, tired of that singular pony tail, or just looking for a way to goof off with a brush, then this is the place for you. To be prepared to dress your hair like an expert, assemble together a brush, a comb, bobby pins, jeweled hair buttons, small hair clips, hair rubber bands, your favorite styling gel, and for added flair not covered here, anything else you can think of. The goal is to have fun!

Crisscross She-Bang

Reminiscent of 1960's ultra-glam, Crisscross She-Bang is an easy hairstyle to manage and will make a budding teenager feel a little more grown up. For this style, it's preferable to have shoulder length or longer hair, but a couple of tiny barrettes would be great for a similar effect if a girl has short hair.

Begin by thoroughly brushing through the hair, flipping it over to brush underneath to lend a bit of volume. Using either a brush or a comb, part the head of hair in the middle. Next, divide the bangs off from the rest of the hair, so that it lays over the eyes. Apply the styling gel to the bangs, then make a short, slanted part. Crisscross each section over the forehead, tucking each behind an ear. For a more secure tuck, use two to four bobby pins to keep the bangs in place. Brush the remaining hair, so that it covers each tucked section and hides any bobby pins used.

The Twisted Butterfly

Affectionately called the Twisted Butterfly because it consists of twisting hair and attaching miniscule butterfly clips, it proves to be another hairstyle that makes for a simplistic addition to any girl's repertoire.

All that is needed for the Twisted Butterfly is a brush or comb and six to eight small hair clips. Start by sectioning the hair from the hairline to approximately an inch short of the crown of the head. Attach a single clip to each section to hold the hair in place while you're working with other sections. Take the section at the left temple and simply twist it repeatedly. Once done, reattach the clip and continue on to the next section until all are finished. Voila! The Twisted Butterfly. There is no real need for hairspray, but should you wish to keep stray strands from flying, spray the hair lightly.

Parts Galore!

There is a clever and extremely subtle way to make a fun fashion statement. Design your own part! It's so easy you won't believe you never thought of it before. You'll definitely need a comb for this, a grasp on geometric shapes, and patience to sit still for a few minutes, but the results are well worth it. And the best part of parting? There aren't any lengthy explanations. Simply choose the design you want to make and part away. Zigzag your part! Curve the triangular zigzag for a "wavy" part or square the pattern for an even bolder statement.

Jack-in-the-Box Mania

Do you want to get a little crazy? How about a lot crazy? Jack-in-the-Box Mania is an outrageous doo that only the brave should attempt. For this hairstyle, you'll be working with several box-shaped parts. You'll need a comb for sectioning, hairclips to hold the sections in place, and small, elastic hairbands. Because it is a little more complex than other hairstyles, you may want someone to help you with the parts.

Begin by making diagonal parts from the front of the head all the way to the nape, clipping each section as you go. It doesn't matter whether you start with left-to-right parts or right-to-left because you'll be doing the opposite stroke in the next step. While moving in the opposite direction through the hair, use elastic bands to create pony tails as you go. Once finished, there is a number of variations you can try. You can either choose to leave the pony tails as is, loop them for a funky look, or wrap them into tight mini-buns, securing in place with bobby pins for a hip-happenin' appeal.

Grecian Goddess

An elegant rendition of a truly Classic look, the Grecian Goddess is sure to make any girl feel like a princess. Like anything with classic lines, this hairstyle is graceful in its simplicity. To start, section off 1-3 pieces of hair near each temple. Braid each section and bind with a small elastic band. Upsweep all of the hair into a pony tail, then twist as if you were creating a French Twist, and fasten into place with either bobby pins or a hair clip. The braided sections should fold into the twist on each side of the head.

The Wave

For straight-hair girls who would love to sport a unique look, the Wave is so much fun and easy, too. Begin with a freshly shampooed head of hair. There's no need for precision when creating the Wave. Simply eyeball the head of hair for measurements of one to two inches apart, then braid in those sections. Allow the hair to fully dry before unraveling the braids. Once finished, the hair should have both straight and wavy sections at interchanging intervals.

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