Fun Halloween Decor

Halloween decor shoud be a safe fun evening for children and adults alike. This is a method to light up your home and yard in keeping with the spirit of Halloween and still have safe passage through your property.

It is Halloween evening and I have installed a Black-Light in the fixture at my front door. For added fun I placed a full length mirror beside my door. The gasps followed by laughter and embarrassed giggles made this all worth while.

This Halloween have a lot of laughs as your friends and family see themselves at your door, the people in costume as well as the parents escorting their children will enjoy this unexpected "trick-or-treat".

Replace the bulbs at your front door with tube type black lights. The black lights are available in the spiral tube type which fit into a standard light socket.

Secure a full length mirror next to your door.

Since this will be the only light source you will want to light the path to your door by painting on "invisible" markings which will only show when the black light is on. Use white powdered laundry detergent. Make a paste of this detergent with water and paint the cement with foot prints or animal paw prints to mark the walk. Also paint the edges of any step or raised area with this "paint". You will not see this during the day or even at night unless the black

light is on. Use some of the laundry detergent to paint a ghost on the side of your house.

From the school supplies section of your favorite store purchase some fluorescent poster paint. Dip the ends of some dead tree branches into the red. Under the black light this is very effective, as it makes tiny spots of bright red light. Use these small branches stuck into the ground to mark the path you wish your "trick-or-

treaters" to take.

Everyday products from make-up to laundry detergent light-up under a black light. The products that fluoresce under this light source may well surprise you.

Plain white laundry detergent powder will change to brilliant white light source. A white cotton sheet becomes a flowing white light when draped near the black light source. The light given off by the sheet is white light and is powerful enough to keep light a large area. This may keep you from being able to see the colors of other items which fluoresce with less intensity. To see the other colors it is best to cover or remove any white cotton fabric from the area.

Some shampoo and hair products leave a residue that will show as green or yellow in black light. Make-up does many unexpected things. Some flesh colored foundation or base make-up will change to black. Some nice blue eye shadow turns a brilliant pink.

To see in advance what products change under a black light, replace the bulb in a lamp with a fluorescent black light tube. The tube that is a spiral made to fit a standard light socket works best. Now turn off the other lights and look in your closet, and around the room.

Experiment with your own dress and make-up. You want to make sure you know what you look like to the visitors that come to your door!

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