Fun And Healthy Snacks For Kids

Kids are always hungry, especially during the summer, after swimming and they are also famished after school. But all they want is junk food. They reach for candy bars and doughnuts. Children are growing and need plently of foods loaded with vitamins and minerals. They need calcium and vitamin D from the dairy group, protien for building muscles and brain power, from the meat group, vitamin C to a strong immune system,from the fruit group, vitamin B's for overall health for a healthy nervous system, digestion and blood. Peanut butter, nuts and cheese, for example are very high in protien. Ice cream and milk are great sources of calcium, vitamin D and protien. The next time your child reaches for a gooey candy bar or sticky sugar filled pastry, give him one of these healthy alternatives.

1-chocolate covered bananas

2-apples dipped in peanut butter

3-celery with cheese spread

4-whole wheat crackers with slices of ham and cheese



7-ice cream

8-grilled cheese squares

9-fruit salad

10-ice cones with fruit juice

11-whole wheat pretzels with cheese dip

12-chopped carrots, celery, cucumbers with ranch dressing dip

13-animal crackers

14-Whole grain bagel with fruit jam

15-hot apple bran muffins

16-watermelon or canteloupe

17-home made pudding

18-milkshakes, try adding blended fruit

19-dried fruits, nature's candy

20-raisins or fresh grapes or strawberries with a little whipped cream dip (made from beaten egg whites).

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