Fun And Inexpensive Crafts

Make a beautiful, easy and inexpensive crafts in a few minutes. The fun of creating something is incredible! Enjoy

Creating something beautiful is simple and quick even in today's hectic, hustle and bustle world. The pleasure of seeing something made with your own hands and with loving effort is incomparable. Many crafts can be made with a minimal out of pocket expense, utilizing everyday things found around the house. Some items from right outside can also be used in very unique ways, while other things can be inexpensively obtained. The information here will walk you step by step through making a beautiful, ornamental wall hanging, perfect for your home or as a gift.

You will need:

1. A basket with a flat bottom (any size or shaped


2. Twigs and/or small sticks that resemble branches

3. Felt (any color)

4. Dried flowers and/or leaves (any type)

5. Pine cones and/or acorns (tiny to small in size)

6. Small bird's nest (can be obtained at a crafts


7. Hot glue gun and several glue sticks

8. Thin wire or wall hangers (used for hanging


9. Newspaper

10. Scissors

11. Twist ties (the kind used on bread bags)

You will need a clear workspace. The kitchen table works well. Cover your work area with newspaper to protect the area from any excess glue. Place the basket on the newspaper, flat side down. At this time you need to decide which side will be the top. The flat side will be against the wall when you hang it, with the opening facing out, toward the viewer. Turn the basket over and attach the wall hanger or wire to the basket near the area you have designated as the top. Use the twist ties to attach the wall hanger if needed and secure it with a dab of glue from the hot glue gun. Turn the basket over again, flat side down and cover the flat portion of the basket with felt. Attach this with several drops of hot glue. Take one or two of the twigs or small sticks and place them inside the basket going from top to bottom. When the basket is hanging on the wall, flat side to the wall and opening facing out, the twigs or sticks should roughly resemble a branch or branches. If the twigs or sticks poke through the top, sides or even out the front it will increase the appearance of three-dimensional. When you have the twigs or sticks where you want them, attach them in several places with twist ties. Now apply a few drops of hot glue to the twist ties to secure them. Now place sprigs of dried flowers and/or leaves randomly around, in and on the basket, creating even more the look of a tree. When your flowers and/or leaves are where you want them, attach with a little hot glue. Keep in mind, you can use any colors of flowers, leaves, etc. that you like.

Now it's time to add the pinecones. Place two or three pinecones or acorns in your "tree" and secure them with hot glue. Now place your bird's nest in the "crook" of one of the "branches" and secure it with a drop or two of hot glue. Remember, placing pinecones, acorns, flowers and leaves along the edge that will be facing the onlooker will give an even more three-dimensional look to your project. Let your wall hanging dry for 24 to 48 hours and then give it as a gift or hang it on you wall and listen to the praise that will come from those who see it.

Let your imagination soar. You can use a variety of paints, flowers, fabrics, leaves and even small ceramic or wooden fake animals to create any scene you prefer. Try making a farm scene with tiny bales of hay, fence line and a ceramic cow or two or perhaps a flower garden or Noah's ark. The possibilities are endless.

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