Fun Kids Crafts: How To Make A Simple Dream Catcher

DIY article explaining how to make a dream catcher with your child. Also, explains how you can bond with your child over this simple activity.

It seems every child has a bad dream at some point. Often times, these dreams are so scary that children are afraid to go to bed at night for fear of having another scary dream. An easy way to quiet their fears is by making this simple, yet fun dream catcher with them. If your child has been fortunate enough to get by without bad dreams, this is a great opportunity to discuss dreams and what they mean to you.

This craft project can also teach your child what other cultures believe. Native Americans believe that dream catchers will filter out bad dreams and only let us have good dreams during the night. Your child may feel more secure when bedtime comes and will also gain insight into the beliefs of others.

How to make a simple dream catcher with your child:

First, you'll need to take an ordinary paper plate and cut the center out of it leaving just the rim of the plate. If your child would like to, the rim can be painted or colored to add a decorative touch. Wait until the rim is completely dry before proceeding.

Next, you'll punch holes with a hole punch every inch or two all the way around the plate. Fewer holes should be punched for younger children who may get frustrated stringing yard through many holes.

Then, string the yarn back and forth from one side of the rim to the other forming a web like design inside of the paper ring. If you have beads on hand, beads can also be strung into the yarn as you go along.

Now, you'll want to have the child decide which is the top and which is the bottom of their dream catcher. At the bottom of the dream catcher you'll want to tie one sixteen inch piece of yard, letting the ends dangle freely from the paper plate rim. Attach small feathers from these ends of yarn with regular school glue or a hot glue gun. Additional feathers may be used if the child would like.

Finally, take another sixteen inch piece of yarn and tie it through the top of the dream catcher so that it can hang over your child's bed. If your child is interested, let them help hang the dream catcher and take a moment to share the best dream you have ever had.

There was a song written about dream catchers that you may have fun singing with your child while creating your very own dream catcher!


Tune: "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

By Jean Warren

I'm going to make a Dream Catcher.I'm going to weave it just right. I'm going to add some bird feathers And beads to make it so bright. Dream Catcher, Dream Catcher Catch my dreams that are bad. Dream Catcher, Dream Catcher Bring me dreams that are glad! I'm going to hang my Dream CatcherOver my bed tonight, So I will have only sweet dreams Until the morning is light. Dream Catcher, Dream CatcherCatch my dreams that are bad. Dream Catcher, Dream Catcher Bring me dreams that are glad!

Have fun with this project and enjoy the opportunity to really interact with your child!

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