Fun Kindergarten Activities

Kindergarteners are full of curiosity, enthusiasm, and energy, and there are so many activities that kindergarteners can enjoy.

Kindergarteners are full of curiosity, enthusiasm, and energy. They bounce from one activity to another, never quite getting still and always full of questions. Their imaginations are usually on overload, and their quest for adventure is never-ending. There are so many activities that kindergarteners can enjoy. They just need a little direction. If you are the teacher or parent of a kindergartener, your biggest problem will be deciding which activity to do with your child or children.

When collecting ideas for activities, you might want to divide them into themed categories, such as animals, holidays, letters and numbers, food, colors, months, self, and general. You might want to make individual folders for each of these themes and any more that you come up with. As you gather more activities to share with your kindergarteners, you can place new ideas into the appropriate folders.

Almost all children love animals, so this is a perfect theme to use. You can have children make animal collages by cutting out pictures of animals from magazines and pasting them on construction or poster paper. Let each child choose an animal out of a hat or jar, then help them construct a mask of that animal. You can declare that day "Animal Day", and each child can be that animal for the day. Play the "Bunny Hop" song, and let each of the children move like their animal would move. They can also create their own animal placemats using sponges cut into animal shapes. They can press the animals onto construction paper, and you can laminate the papers for them to create placemats.

Holidays generate plenty of activities for kindergarteners to enjoy. Let your children create Christmas ornaments by cutting cardboard angel shapes and letting them glue gold or silver colored dried beans to the shape. Glue a curved pipe cleaner to the back, so they can hang their ornament.

For Easter, let the children make their own soft bunnies by gluing cotton balls over a cut-out bunny shape on paper. They can add extra cotton for the tail. Use crushed egg-shells from dyed Easter eggs to let them create an Easter collage in egg, bunny, or chicken shapes.

Halloween is always a fun holiday, and it doesn't have to be that spooky! Paper plates make wonderfully decorated jack-o-lanterns. Tell your children that they can make happy or scary faces by painting a paper plate in orange and drawing faces once the paint has dried. You can also let them construct a paper plate spider. Have them color or paint the spider, then help them glue or staple pipe cleaner legs on each side of the plate. Be sure to place a pipe cleaner loop at the top, so they can hang their spiders in the classroom or their rooms at home.

Thanksgiving means turkey, and your children can make their own turkeys by tracing their fingers and hands. Each finger can be painted a different color for the feathers, and thumb will be the turkey's neck and head. All they need to do is add a beak, legs, and feet. Have a feast with Indians and Pilgrims. Divide the class into these two groups, and plan a feast. Let them make Indian head bands or Pilgrim hats to wear. Read a story to the children about the Indians and the Pilgrims.

Valentine's Day celebrates love, and every child should have the opportunity to join in the celebration. Make sure every child is involved and has an equal amount of Valentines. You can let children make their Valentines by giving them construction paper, glue, glitter, sequins, etc. They can even make Valentines for their family and place poems inside.

Kindergarteners are learning about letters and numbers, so give them an activity that focuses on these. Let them search for each letter in the alphabet and numbers up to twenty in magazines and newspapers. They can then cut these out and glue them to sheets of construction paper to make a collage.

Food is a favorite theme, and it is easy to come up with ideas. Give each child some play dough, and talk about the different food groups. You can then instruct each child to make some type of food with his play dough. Place all the foods together and pretend to have a meal together, tasting each person's food. You can also take seeds from a favorite fruit or vegetable and decorate a paper cut in that specific fruit or vegetable's shape.

Celebrate the colors of the rainbow by sprinkling different flavors of Kool-aid mix on construction paper and letting students walk out into the warm, summer rain. They'll be surprised at how many colors and images the water and Kool-aid mixture will make!

The months of the year are great creative motivators. Let your children decorate New Year's hats. Help them celebrate February as African American History Month. Tell them stories and show some great videos. Have them draw pictures of famous African Americans. March can be science month, and children can take nature walks, collecting leaves, rocks, and even small insects in paper bags. In April, let them plant their individual flower gardens in small, plastic cups.

Finally, let your children express themselves by making self-portrait sock puppets. Have them bring a sock, and you supply yarn buttons, ribbon, sequins, etc. They can decorate their socks to represent themselves. Write down a favorite song for each child, and let each child draw a song out of a jar or hat, then sing that song together. Let each child make a collage of his or her favorite things by cutting pictures out of magazines or drawing pictures on paper.

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