Fun Medicine Cabinet Craft Ideas

Follow these easy decorating ideas and instructions, and turn your old medicine cabinet into a fun and decorative part of your bathroom decor.

If your medicine cabinet has seen better days, revitalize it by turning it into a work of art. There are many fun and easy ways to make your medicine cabinet into a uniquely useful and decorative part of your bathroom.

If you have a wood-frame medicine cabinet, one suggestion is to decorate the frame with something fun and colorful. Suggested objects are small shells, flat buttons, colored aquarium gravel, small polished stones, flat-backed faux gemstones, or pony beads. A combination of colorful buttons and pony beads would look nice, and flat-backed faux gemstones and shells would work well together too. Shells along with aquarium gravel or small polished stones are a good combination. To create one of these unique ideas, you will need enough of one or more of these materials to decorate the frame of your medicine cabinet, a brush, masking tape, and clear epoxy glue.

Begin by covering the edges of the mirror with masking tape. This will help prevent the glue from damaging the mirror. In addition, before you begin working with the glue, open a window or turn on an exhaust fan to provide adequate ventilation. The fumes from epoxy glue can be harmful.

Apply a thick layer of epoxy glue, beginning at one of the corners of the frame. Apply only enough glue to do one small section at a time. If you choose to use pony beads, place the beads by either lining them up in even rows, or stagger them so subsequent rows of beads are between those lined up directly above. Choose colors that coordinate well with your existing bathroom décor, or randomly place a rainbow of beads for a different look all together. If you choose to use buttons along with pony beads, randomly place beads and buttons to fill up the entire frame. Don't be too picky when choosing where to place the buttons and/or beads. You can't make a mistake with this project.

If you decide just to use buttons, chances are you'll have an array of buttons that vary in size. Randomly place the buttons on the frame, and again, don't be too picky about their placement. Just place buttons where they fit the best, and fill up the entire frame.

If you choose shells for this project, you can either paint them with a thin wash of acrylic craft paint or you can use them in their natural state. Apply the shells in the same manner as directed for applying buttons and beads. Simply fill the entire frame with an array of shells. Another idea is to fill open areas with colored aquarium gravel. Either match the gravel to the colors of your bathroom décor, or use a mixture of many different colors. Decorate the frame using a combination of other suggested objects, or come up with your own fun and unique ideas.

A medicine cabinet frame decorated with faux colored gemstones would look stunning. Apply them to the frame of the mirror, being careful not to get epoxy glue on the tops of the gemstones. A mirror framed with faux gemstones would make any bathroom look like a million bucks!

If your medicine cabinet mirror does not have a frame, make a faux frame by decorating the mirror with a border of objects. Just use one or more of the suggested objects to create the frame. Evenly tape off two or three inches bordering the mirror, and carefully apply objects of your choice.

Your newly renovated medicine cabinet will add a touch of fun and whimsy to your bathroom décor. Guests will wonder where you found such a unique medicine cabinet. You'll find that you can turn anything old into something fun and useful with a little creativity and clever ingenuity.

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