Fun outdoor family activities

There are many cheap outdoor family activities that can be done year round, and here are some ideas and suggestions for inexpensive ways to spend time together in the spring, autumn, winter and summer.

Doing things as a family is a great way to keep a healthy relationship with your children. There are many fun outdoor activities that can be done throughout the year. Each season has tons of fun waiting to happen in this great world that we live in.

Summer time seems to be the most active time of the year. The weather is great and the kids are out of school. If money is a problem there is no need to stop having fun. There are many day trips that can be done together with little or no money to spend. If you are fortunate enough to live in a historical area, the outdoor trips can be endless. Most national and state historical sites are free to the public and have lots to offer. Many monuments, trails and buildings to visit are at the family's fingertips. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a spot to people watch while eating. State and National parks are another great activity when the weather is warm. Some parks even have lakes that are good for swimming and fishing. Most parks have a small fee but offer lots of fun things to do with the family. If time away from home is what the family needs, camping in these parks can take the activity on step up and supply a fun vacation with little cost.

Autumn is a favorite season for many with the trees changing color and the lack of mosquitoes. Fun activities are endless in this refreshing time of the year. Long walks as a family or a planned bike ride can provide hours of fun. Taking a trip down a heavily wooded trail will widen the eyes of any child with the array of beautiful colors in the changing scenery. The season is the perfect opportunity for some fruit picking. Stopping for a picnic lunch with the fresh picked fruit for dessert will build memories for a lifetime. Visiting the local zoo is a real treat this time of the year. The animals will be out and about because of the cooling temperatures. The activity in the zoo is at its peak right before the cold weather settles in.

Winter sports are always fun to do as a family. If you are located in an area that enjoys the snows of winter, the family can make several outside activities a part of these cold winter months. Seek out that perfect sledding hill that is near by and when the weather conditions are right, jump into the fun of the cheapest winter sport around. Skiing is a fun outdoors activity, but can be costly. It's a good thing to try at least once as a family just to have some stories to share as the family grows. Visiting the local parks bundled up well can be a fun activity. Noticing the changes that have occurred over the seasons makes for great conversation as you walk.

Spring, the time of the year that brings everything back to life. Again the fun outdoor activities are endless. Plant a garden together as a family, or just put in a flowerbed. Visit the zoo again to see if any of the animals are having babies. Look for new growth at the parks; enjoy nature as it turns green again. In the cement cities, look for the fountains to be filled and running with water waiting for the busyness of shoppers to return. Spend time as a family planning for the year of activities while sharing a cool spring picnic lunch.

All year long families can have fun outdoors together. Building memories throughout each season of the year is more precious than gold. The fun will keep bonds in the family that will last a lifetime.

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