Fun outdoor toddler activities

There are several outdoor activites you can plan for your toddler that will keep them entertained and creative for hours.

If you have a toddler than you know that by now keeping them occupied and interested in playtime is extremely important at this stage in their life.

Outdoor activities, if the weather permits, are a good way to incorporate fresh air and sunshine, while providing fun activities for your toddler to enjoy.

Here are some fun outdoor activities for your toddler:

1. This activity would probably be best suited for the one and two year old toddlers and usually if the weather is warmer so they can play in their swimsuits or diapers.

Bring a dishpan outside and fill it with water. Put some of your toddler's bath toys into it and let him or her just splash their hands around playing with their toys.

2. Another activity for the summer months would be to set up a small inflatable swimming pool outside. Be sure the toddler is well supervised while playing in their swimming pool.

3. Playground equipment such as swing sets and slides are usually a popular choice for toddlers to play on outside. Again, your toddler should never be left unsupervised playing on any outdoor play equipment,

4. Duck, Duck, Goose is a game usually played by your older toddler age three and up. This game can be played when you have a group of toddlers together. First, have the toddlers form a circle sitting on the grass outside. One of the toddlers will walk around saying "Duck, Duck" as they pat each one of their heads with their hand, until they come to someone and then they will say "Goose!" Then, they will get up and run around and try to catch the other child. Next, that child will have a turn to repeat all over again the same actions the first child did.

5. With just a ball and a bucket, your toddler age one and up, can have fun outside. The parent or caregiver can show the toddler how to throw a ball inside the bucket and then dump it out. You'd be surprised how the simplest of activities can entertain your toddler!

6. When it's the winter months, your toddler can have fun outside as well. If there's snow on the ground, then you have a potential playground of activities.

First of all, you can form snowballs and let your toddler play with them or build a snowman out of several of them. Be careful, as the snow may look like a tempting treat to them and they may try and eat it!

If you have a sled, toboggan, or saucer, these all make for fun activities in the snow for your older toddler! Safe use of this equipment is always recommended.

7. This activity is probably for the toddler age 3 and up although the younger ones may want to participate as well.

A grassy area of ground outside is all you need for this activity! Have your toddler lie on their back and look up in the sky and observe the clouds until they can find interesting animal shapes. This is a great activity for your toddler's imagination!

Your toddler can enjoy many outdoor activities with a little bit of ingenuity and creativity!

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