Fun Party Invitation Crafts: How To Make Your Own Roller Skate Invite

Planning a roller skating party? Then read ahead to learn how to make roller skate invitations that will really wow your guests.

A great party doesn't just happen on the day of---parties take planning, and it's the details that matter. A creative, one-of-a-kind invitation will let your guests know exactly what kind of party you're hosting. So naturally, if you're planning a roller skating party, whether at a roller rink or a roller-themed party at your own home, roller skate invitations are a must!

You will need the following materials, which you can find at your local craft or office supply store:

A pencil and eraser

Construction paper


Hole puncher


Brass pronged fasteners




Begin by folding a sheet of construction paper in half. Using pencil, lightly sketch the outline of the roller skate, without the wheels (it will look like a shoe or a boot). Make sure the heel of the skate falls on the fold so that when you cut out the invitation, you will have two skates connected at the fold. Follow the sketch and cut out the invitation, cutting through both layers of paper at the same time, then erase any pencil lines.

Next, select a contrasting color of paper for the wheels. Find something round, like a small cup, and trace it to make four circles of the same size. To make wheels that actually turn, attach each wheel using a brass pronged fastener---poke the fastener through both the wheel and the skate, and press the prongs flat on the inside of the invitation. If you prefer, you can also simply glue the wheels onto the skate. Next, take the leftover paper from the body of the invitation and trace four smaller circles. Cut these out and glue one of each to the center of each wheel.

Now write your message on the invitation. You might want to write a general message on the outside (like "You're invited to a Roller Disco!"), then add the details on the inside. When you've finished, decorate your roller skate with anything you can find (like lace, trim, ribbons, or sequins), but remember this---nothing says "roller rink" like glitter. Draw details or designs in glue, then pour glitter over the glue. Let it dry, then shake off the excess glitter.

The next step is to punch shoelace holes in the roller skate. Hold the two halves of the invitation together and punch four or five holes down the side of the skate. You might need to reinforce your shoelace holes with tape or reinforcers (those sticky circles that are made to go over holes in looseleaf paper). Now cut a long piece of yarn---or if you're only making a few invitations, try using actual shoelaces, instead---and lace up those skates!

Now it's time to send out the invitations. Large mailing envelopes should work, or you can plan to deliver each invitation by hand---a great choice if you want to see your friends' reactions to your handiwork! Finally, once they're all delivered, you can sit back, polish your skates, and just wait for the RSVPs.

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