Fun And Simple Marketing Ideas For A Small Business

Fun and simple marketing techniques can help your business gain new clients and establish a memorable theme and image in their minds. The key to it all is to be original, humorous and/or entertaining.

Fun and simple marketing ideas for a small business

Small businesses today have an advantage over small businesses of the past. Today's small businesses have access to so many models of successful businesses through the study of small business journals, articles online and etc.

When it comes to marketing, the small business owner can choose from numerous models and ideas, but taking a more creative approach can add a fun touch to a very necessary tool of getting attention and increasing sales.

Fun and simple marketing techniques can help your business gain new clients and establish a memorable theme and image in their minds. The key to it all is to be original, humorous and/or entertaining.

Fun Print Media Ideas: Ads

As you prepare your marketing plan, make room for some fun ads you can run revolving around a theme your customers can relate to. For example, choose a character, a slogan or a mascot to relay an intriguing, eye-catching, humorous message related to a product or service you provide. Even if you run a conservative business, you can still be suave and sophisticated and still get your audience's attention and interest.

Advertising specialties

There are literally thousands of ad specialty items you can purchase to complement your ad campaign and marketing strategy. Again, choose fun gadgets that make a point and follow your theme. You can start a whole campaign using fake gold coins filled with chocolate and tie the theme into your print ads. Come up with a clever slogan and include that with your coins and ad.

Along with your ad specialties, have T shirts printed with the message on them. These T shirts can be a teaser for the campaign. You can have employees sporting them to peak the interest of potential clients. The T shirts should be simple, creative, eye catching and attractive.

Ideas that tie into movies or weekly TV shows

I know one business that used the television show Survivor as a theme to promote a new in-house program. It was quite successful. They created posters, T shirts, and bandanas. They formed teams and had a friendly competition as they promoted the new program. A small business can do the same thing to promote a new product or service. They can send out a press release to the media and promote their new ideas with participation from the public.

Throw an open house party or a new product shindig

Everyone enjoys a party, and your customers will come if you invite them to a special event introducing a new product line or service. Once again, this should follow a few weeks of eye-attention ads leading up to the big event, along with ad specialties sent to your potential clients with a newsletter or brochure, and a press release sent to the media. Include special games with prizes to have people competing and having fun.

Internet marketing and fun web games and specials

Never discount the power of the net. More and more people are online, and this opens up a potentially huge market. Spamming is illegal, but banner ads and online newsletters, ads and other forms of promotions are not, if they go to a group of people who want to receive information. Be sure to include your current clients on your online mailing list. This will give you the opportunity to communicate your new product theme to them via online bulletin announcements.

On your website, plan to add some exciting treasure hunts, games and incentives. Include drawings and contests. The key is to have participation and activity among your customers.

These fun and simple ideas must, of course, be personalized to reflect your company's theme, vision and product or service goals. The more creative the ideas, the more fun it will be for everyone participating. Remember, in order for an idea and theme to catch on, it must be repeated often. Don't forget to include radio spots, if you have the budget for them. The result will be a successful campaign for your small business and the new products and services you're marketing.

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