Fun Spring Things To Do With Kids

Enjoy each season with your children as they grow up. Here are some tips for fun things to do as a family in spring.

It's spring at last! Skies clear, flowers bloom, and the air is fresh and invigorating. The kids are clamoring for something fun to do. Putting aside your housework for a while, you decide to join them for a family venture. What shall it be?

1. Climb aboard. Get on your bikes, roller blades, or skateboard and get moving. Find a safe, smooth area away from traffic, such as a parking lot or a bicycle path and mount your wheels. You can all do the same thing or try a variety of activities. Enjoy the feeling of freedom, energetic movement, and open spaces as you sprint along together in the open air and crisp breeze.

2. Head for the hills. Join an organized nature walk or form your own family group when you visit a metropolitan, regional, state, or national park. Take a path you've never hiked before and bring your cameras for memorable shots to remember in years to come. Imagine how the area must have appeared to the earliest travelers or first settlers. Take turns being the "tour guide" as you explore new vistas. Note the various trees and bushes that mark your way and look for hints of wildlife. You may even come face to face with a pair of antlers!

3. Take a bite. Enjoy the season's first root beer, frozen custard, or Coney dog at a local drive-in restaurant or spring fair. Or visit one of the historical exhibitions that come to life this time of year and sample creamy apple butter or savory stew from a bygone era. Plan your family's first seasonal picnic by getting a bucket of chicken at the carryout or making delicate little sandwiches and cupcakes for a blanket at the park. Everything tastes better in the wide-open spaces!

4. Be a sport. Head for a favorite fishing hole, arming everyone with a pole and bait. Join a community or church softball team, each family member with his or her age group, or with some cheering on the others. Watch a track and field event on television or at your local neighborhood field. Learn to shoot a crossbow. Take the family on a canoeing trip after the spring floods subside. There are plenty of sporting activities to cheer or join that everyone in the family can enjoy.

5. Plant a garden. Give each family member a small plot of their own for favorite veggies or blooms. Let the kids pick out their seeds, tools, and gloves, within affordable range, of course, and teach them to plant, weed, feed, and maintain new plant life. You may want to enter the county fair in late summer with your potentially prize-winning results! Everyone will enjoy the delight of nurturing tiny buds and shoots.

Spring is not the time for sitting in front of the television or playing video games in the dark. Gather the clan and head for the great outdoors to enjoy this season of new life and promise as you spend quality time building lasting bonds and memories.

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