Fun Stuff To Do With Your Kids On A Rainy Day

Fun stuff to do with your kids on a rainy day! Here are some suggestions to help you and them get through a rainy day - without turning on the TV.

The kids are restless and bugging you, and you don't feel like having a nervous breakdown at the moment. What can you do with them to ease their boredom, and keep your sanity at the same time?

Here are some suggestions to help you and them get through a rainy day - without turning on the TV.

Photo Albums

Whether it's looking at old photo albums - especially pictures of the kids when they were younger - or adding new pictures to one, kids like to help out and get involved. With all of the scrapbooking supplies available today, kids can burn a lot of energy and time making their own photo albums. A "Book about Me" keeps children busy, and a chance to show off!

Scavenger Hunt

This is good for the family with a lot of kids! Make up lists of items for the children to find - if they are too young to read, simple drawings can take the place of word lists. Include easy and hard to find things on your list - a toothpick, change from the couch, broken blue crayon, a MATCHED pair of socks. A list of about 20 items can keep a child involved for a couple of hours. Of course the winner, and the "not first place winners" all get some kind of a prize --- cupcakes anyone?

Write Letters

This seems to be something not too many kids do anymore, and it's a shame. Encourage your children to write letters to friends and relatives they don't get to see very often. Make sure they ask the recipients how things are in their lives and not just focus on themselves - although grandma would be delighted to hear all about what they do everyday. It's also a good way for your children to work on their writing and grammar skills.


Yes this seems like an odd one for children - but it all depends on the kind of cleaning they are doing! Let them know you think it's time they get rid of things they have outgrown - and make room for new clothes and toys. Not only do you get help doing what is probably a much needed task, but your kids get the satisfaction of realizing they are growing older and more mature and that some of their toys do not reflect their growth. They are often happy to get rid of items that remind them of a younger, less independent time in their lives.

There are many ways to keep children busy without plopping them down in front of the television, there were generations of kids who never saw a TV, and they all survived. Help your child pick out a hobby, encourage them to read, teach them something new, and they will eventually thank you for it!

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