Fun Sunglasses Crafts For Girls

Fun ideas for decorating girls' sunglasses. Read on for the deatils of this fun summer craft idea.

A fun summer craft activity for girls is to decorate sunglasses. Start with inexpensive pairs of children's sunglasses. You can either use a glue gun to attach decorations (children will need adult help and supervision) or you may use permanent double-sided adhesive squares. To add names or other words, use permanent markers or permanent paint pens. They come in a wide array of colors and will allow you to add even small, detailed patterns to your sunglasses. Try some of these fun themes:

Foam fun glasses

Craft foam comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Select an assortment of small die-cut shapes and attach them to the stems of the glasses. You may also add small shapes to the top corners of the glasses, being careful not to block the view through the lenses.

Floral fetish

Collect miniature flowers in a variety of shapes and sizes. Craft stores sell miniature silk flowers, paper flowers and ribbon blooms; flower motif ornaments can also be found in buttons and beads. Select one type of flower for your d├ęcor or turn your glasses into a veritable garden with an array of blossoms. Attach either a few flowers to the glasses, or cover the frames entirely for your floral shades. Use dried miniature rosebuds to make your very own "rose-colored glasses."

Beads, gemstones and sequins

Add some glitter and sparkle to your sunglasses with the addition of beads, gems and sequins. Try for some subtle glam by attaching a row of rhinestones across the nosepiece of your glasses. Or, go all out glitz and cover your frames with tiny beads. To deck your glasses in beads, cover a small area with hot glue and then place beads flush against one another until the glue is covered. Repeat until the exterior of the frames are covered, being careful not to drip glue on the lenses. Sequins can also be used to decorate the glasses and may be combined with faux gems or beads.

Beach motif

Visit your local craft or hobby store for miniatures, beads or buttons with a beach motif. Some items that work well for this theme include buckets and shovels, beach umbrellas, seashells, surfboards, palm trees, and bikinis. Use hot glue to attach a thin layer of sand to the frames. Then, choose several of one or two objects to make a recurring pattern or create a beach scene with your favorite objects.

Undersea shades

Decorate a pale blue pair of sunglasses to take someone under the sea. Use a dark or bright blue paint pen to draw a recurring wave pattern on the frames. Glue miniature plastic fish at intervals down the stems and in the upper outer corners of the glasses.

Animal glasses

Create animal print sunglasses by using permanent markers to draw an animal print pattern on the frames. Then, glue a miniature of the appropriate animal onto each stem where it meets the front of the frames. Or, decorate frames to look like an animal's face. Use craft foam to cut ears and noses to attach above and below the frames of the glasses.

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