Fun Things To Do Alone In New York City

New York's best places to visit when in the city alone.

New York City is a fantastic place to visit with family and friends. You can share all the wonders of the city with other people. In addition to the many attractions the city has for couples and families, it's also a terrific city to tour all by yourself.

Anyone who comes to city by themselves should start their journey with a trip to one of Manhattan's less visited but truly amazing quiet treasures: the Cloisters. The Cloisters is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art specializing in medieval European art and architecture. This beautiful museum is located at the tip of Manhattan in Fort Tryon Park directly adjacent to the Hudson River. The structures at the museum contain actual elements of medieval buildings and hundreds of medieval art works. A Cloister is literally an ancient covered walkway. The term also refers to a quiet place where one can find religious contemplation.

Visitors will find thousands of period pieces here including elaborate stained glass windows, fascinatingly intricate gold jewelry, Byzantine mosaics and early Christian religious objects. One of the true highlights of the collection are the world famous Unicorn Tapestries. The Unicorn Tapestries depict a hunt for the mythical unicorn. The Tapestries are notable because they are a rare example of a textile that has survived intact for more than five hundred years. The entire park is a pleasant retreat from the frenetic pace of the rest of the city.

Another really great New York City place to visit by yourself is the Frick Collection. The Frick Collection is a museum filled with carefully selected art works housed in one of mid-town Manhattan's most striking buildings. The museum is named after Henry Clay Frick, an eighteenth century millionaire who made his fortune in the steel industry. Visitors here can view sixteen galleries brimming with renowned paintings, sculptures and furniture by some of Europe and America's finest artists and artisans. After enjoying the art you can sit in the peaceful garden court, a true oasis in the middle of busy Manhattan.

If you're in the mood for less lofty pursuits take advantage of New York City's many fabulous shopping areas. One of the best places for any eager consumer is the area bounded by Macy's on 34th and Broadway. The flagship store of Macy's worldwide operations, this store runs for an entire city block. Across the street from Macy's is a large multi-level mall that has dozens of name brand shops and a lovely courtyard with skylights and great views.

Directly behind the mall is a street filled with some of Manhattan's preeminent bargain shopping. Stroll into the Odd Job Trading store for items from clothing to cookies at very low prices. Down the block is Jack's Department store. The store has a first floor filled with items retailing for a dollar. Take the escalator upstairs for higher priced and higher quality merchandise that is still astonishingly cheap. Walk a few blocks over to Eight Avenue for yet more bargains at Conway's. Conway's has lots of clothing, food, bedding and electronics at rock bottom prices.

If you like shopping for books, there are two places any bibliophile will need to visit: The Strand Bookstore and The New York Public book sale. The Strand is one of New York City's oldest and largest bookstores. They offer brand new titles at fifty percent off the cover price. Many of the New York Public library branches have one or two carts of used books for sale. The branch at 40th and Fifth Avenue is notable because they have an entire room full of for sale used books. The sale is open to everyone every day from 11-3 p.m. Whether you prefer calm museums or the hurried hustle and bustle of commerce, New York City has lots of fun places to visit by yourself.

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