Fun Things For Couples To Do In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as a gambling town, but there's more to this city for couples to enjoy - check out these romantic and fun choices!

Las Vegas is known primarily for its gambling atmosphere, but there's also a wonderful romantic element that draws thousands of couples there either for weddings or honeymoons. But there's more to Vegas than the wedding chapels or the elegant honeymoon suites! Let's take a walk around Las Vegas and see what fun and romantic scenarios we can find!

The Bellagio Hotel prides themselves on the magnificent fountains set at the front of the resort, the water jets shooting streams of water into the air to popular music tunes piped over the public address system. At night the fountains are illuminated by strategically placed lights that add a whole new dimension to the effect, making it a free and romantic stop for any couple. Songs by such classic singers as Celine Dion will make this an experience to remember!

If the pair of you lean more towards the botanical field, be sure to check out the Bellagio Gardens. These themed-displays change four times a year and provide a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the average Vegas casino. The topiaries and flowers are real, monitored and cared for by trained florists who will do their best to help you enjoy the fragrant and visually stimulating choices. Be sure to stop on by for a few minutes of peace and quiet before heading back into the fast-paced world of Las Vegas!

Looking for something a bit more romantic? Drop on by the Venetian and take your love on a gondola ride! Specially-constructed canals run back and forth inside and out of this hotel, with trained gondoleers available to take you on a special ride with the dulcet tones of the gondoleer serenading the two of you as you drift along the recreation of the famous Venetian canals. Whether you've just gotten engaged or you've been married for years, this scenario is guaranteed to tug at your romantic nature.

For the more action-oriented couple there's always the pirate show at Treasure Island. Watch as two brave crews battle back and forth for domination of the waterways in front of this popular resort; cannons firing literally over your heads as you watch the brave pirates attempt to escape the authorities! Free to the public, this popular show can be viewed either from the street or from one of the many bars lining the lagoon where the battle takes place, enabling you to enjoy a cool beverage while brave men swashbuckle around you both.

If you and your loved one are fans of wildlife, be sure to visit the Mirage and the beautiful white tigers on display! Safe in their own Private Garden, these magnificent creatures will awe and inspire you with their quiet strength and inherent beauty. But before you leave drop on by the dolphin pool and check in on these aquatic marvels as they scoot from pool to pool, inches from your feet!

Mandalay Bay is home to a magnificent underwater display featuring sharks and other beautiful sea creatures, all swimming over and around you. And don't forget to pet the manta rays! This area features an aquatic petting zoo where you can literally touch small sharks and stingrays while enjoying the hypnotic motions of the jellyfish. You'll forget you're in Las Vegas and miles from the ocean in this dazzling exhibit!

And speaking of miles away from water - be sure to stop on by Aladdin's Bazaar in time to catch the thunderstorms! This specially constructed area of the hotel features dozens of popular shops for the tourist to browse through and enjoy, but also a unique event. Every half hour the blue "sky" over your heads will darken with the low rumble of distant thunder, leading up to a light shower drizzling down on the streets of the bazaar! Don't worry, the water is expertly channeled to fall in certain areas and you won't get wet unless you want to. Adding a cool break to the Vegas heat, this stop can refresh the two of you as you continue to enjoy the many wonderful experiences that you can only find in this city!

And after a long day of enjoying the many romantic experiences that Las Vegas has to offer, why not top the night off with a slow walk along the Las Vegas Strip? The neon displays and exhibits really come into their own when the sun goes down and the temperature drops, allowing you to stroll along the sidewalk and enjoy the beautiful constructions that illuminate the Vegas skyline. End your visit at the far end of the city on Belmont Street, where the overhead video show guarantees a new visual experience every half-hour. Thousands of lightbulbs flash on and off to create images and scenes to popular tunes, allowing you to stand outside and enjoy a short movie filled with action sequences and mesmerizing color patterns. A great way to end the day with your loved one, and you'll still have enough money left over to play a few slot machines!

You don't have to be rich to find plenty of enjoyable experiences for you and your mate in Las Vegas - there are plenty of free and fun things for you to do before returning to the gaming tables. Next time the two of you are in this famous city why not step away from the tables and see what else this beautiful oasis in the desert has to offer?

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