Fun Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

Congratulations! You just found out you're pregnant and you are dying to find a fun way to let everyone know. Try one of these tips!

You emerge from the restroom with a pink stick in your hand indicating you have just tested positive for pregnancy! Congratulations! You are probably just itching to get on the phone and call every single person you know, including your mailman and the lady down the street you hardly know but have said "Hello" to once. Chances are you probably just want to open your front door wide and scream, "Look at me! I'm pregnant!" If you can hold off on that impulse for just a little bit, why not try one of these fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends.

* Go over to your parents' house or your husband's parents' house and take the video camera. Be nonchalant about taking it out and let them know that you want to test it because it had been giving you problems earlier in the week. Walk around the house with it videotaping random things and then rewinding it every so often to "check" to make sure it has recorded. During one of these "checks" (make sure you're recording) get both of your parents in the frame and then offhandedly say "Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. We're pregnant." Not only will this come as a shock to them, but you will get their genuine reaction on film for your family and future child to cherish for many years to come.

* If you are too far from your parents and in-laws to announce your pregnancy personally, go to a card store and buy some beautiful blank cards. Inside, in a child's handwriting, write something like, "To my future Grandma and Grandpa. I can't wait to meet you in 9 months! Love, Baby."They will get the picture!

* If you or your husband is technically inclined, develop a website and send a link to it in an e-mail sent to your friends and family. Write something that doesn't disclose what the website is about like, "You all HAVE to check out this website. It is hilarious!" On the website itself you can choose how to design it. It can be as simple as having the phrase, "We're pregnant!" centered on the page or maybe a scanned image of the baby sonogram centered on the page with an approximate due date listed on the bottom. Remember, it can be as detailed or simple as you want, as long as it gets the point across!

* Many people like to hand out bibs or booties as a sign to let others know they're pregnant, but some of the best pregnancy announcing stories I've heard have been those that are done in such a nonchalant manner that the family did not know what hit them. One couple decided to spill the beans at dinner. When the wine was passed around, the wife said, "Gosh, I'd love to have a glass of wine, but now that I'm pregnant, I'd better not." Another woman, when asked to pass the rolls at the dinner table, said, "One second, let me grab another one. Gotta be careful now that I'm eating for two."

* Nowadays, there are tons of pregnancy shirts you can buy. Purchase one that has an arrow pointing down to your belly and printing that reads something along the lines of, "Baby Inside." Just stroll into the house as you normally would and wait for everyone to get what this means.

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