Fun Ways To Ask Someone To Prom

Here are some unique ways to ask that special someone to be your date for prom. Everything from how to give gifts to lawn decoration.

Asking someone to prom can be absolutely terrifying, but it helps to have a plan. When you ask that special someone, you want to make him or her feel good about the idea of being your date. If you make it fun and memorable, your chances of being refused are very slim. Ladies, do not fear! Times have changed, and it is perfectly acceptable for you to do the asking, too. Here are some unique ideas for both guys and gals to make that prom date proposal the best ever.

Tried and True with a Twist:

Gifts are always appreciated, whether store-bought or homemade. Instead of just giving the standard bouquet or box of chocolates, spice up your offering by making it unique to your potential date.

1. A stuffed animal that reminds you of your special someone is good, but even better if it is wearing a collar with a prom ticket or a poem attached. You could even give the stuffed animal with a tape or a CD you make with a song. Tell your date (or put in a note inside the case) that you hope you get to dance together to that song at the prom.

2. If you know your potential date fairly well, you probably know if he or she is addicted to a particular baked good. If your potential date is a brownieholic or can't get enough peanut butter cookies, make them! Package your offering in something with a prom theme. Make cutout tuxedoes or dresses for the wrapping, or use your prom's particular theme for ideas. You can tell your potential date that he or she would be as sweet person to escort to prom as a box of brownies.

3. A cheap but fun way to ask your date is with toys from gumball machines. You can find cheap plastic gumball machine toys almost anywhere. You should obviously try to find toys that you think your date will like. Buy several to put in a bag. Before presenting your date with the toys, pop open the plastic bubbles and insert notes with reasons why you should attend prom together.

The great thing about gift giving is that if you aren't brave, you can give your potential date the gift and walk away. Or you could leave it at your potential date's locker or car. If you feel confident, consider these interesting ideas for the less faint of heart.

For the Brave:

Warning: these ideas are not for everyone, and you should never attempt anything illegal or frightening to woo your potential date.

1. Set up a mystery date. Buy the tickets, arrange the transportation, and choose your dress/tux. Then leave your potential date clues about the evening you will have together. Write a note with letters and words cut out of magazines requesting the company of your date at prom. Do not reveal your identity. Over a few weeks time, leave your date a ticket, photos of the car and your outfit (without your face, of course!), and when and where you are going to pick up your date on the big day. Rent the movie Amelie to study how she creates a mystery to get the man of her dreams. Before you launch this plan, though, make sure your potential date is not already going with someone else.

2. Serenade your potential date. If you are comfortable singing, write a song asking your potential date to prom. If you have friends in a band or are in a band, enlist their help. To eliminate the risk of wasting effort or getting yourself in trouble, talk to your potential date's parents if you are planning on doing this at his/her home.

3. Everyone has seen a toilet-papered house, or those goofy pink birthday flamingoes in someone's lawn. You can do something like this as long as your idea is not destructive or insulting. Use crepe paper flowers, streamers, or make a large lawn banner to ask your date to prom. How elaborate you want to get is up to you. However, you might want to talk to your date's parents to ask permission first. It would be very embarrassing for you if your date's parents called the police because they caught you lurking on their property in the middle of the night, and it could ruin your chance to even ask.

Wanting to take the initiative and ask someone to prom is wonderful. Hopefully, these ideas will enable you to escort the person of your dreams. Remember, creativity is key! Good luck.

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