Fun Wearable Crafts: 5 Ways To Make Holiday Pajamas

Five fun, easy, creative pairs of holiday pajamas to make yourself for Christmas, Valentines, St. Patrick's, Easter, and Halloween. Instructions, tips and ideas included.

Some of us look forward to the holidays year round. From Valentines Day in February, to all the festivities surrounding Christmas in December, we decorate our homes inside and out, we bakes special foods, and some of us even show our love of the different holidays by wearing themed clothes. Pajamas are just another fun way to celebrate our love of each of these holidays. The best part is that all of the pajamas start with a set of ready-made sweats or shorts and t-shirts, keeping it both fun and easy!

Basic Supplies

For each pair of pajamas, sweat pants or shorts, specified under each particular heading. A matching sweatshirt or t-shirt

Various colors of felt


Threads in assorted colors

Sewing needles or sewing machine

Fabric Glue

Fabric Paint

Fabric safe glitter glue

Assorted trims including lace, buttons, yarn, assorted colors of pom-poms

Wash and dry according to directions all pants and shirts prior to decorating. If using fabric glues, glitters, and/or paints, follow all directions on containers to help maintain finished products.

Valentine Themed Pajamas

Red shorts

Pink t-shirt

Red felt



Sew lace trim around the bottom of each short leg. Cut two hearts out of pink felt. Decorate felt hearts with the fabric safe glitter glue, with your name and your valentine's name. Sew side by side on the front of the t-shirt. If you really want to make it easy, just glue the hearts in place.

St. Patrick Themed Pajamas

White sweatpants or shorts

White sweatshirt

Green felt

Gold glitter

From felt, cut two shamrock shapes that will fill the backside area of the pants. Decorate with glitter and sew in place. With the sweatshirt, cut a v-shape in the front, but leave remaining collar intact to decrease necessary sewing. Fold edge of v-cut in; sew edge down towards inside to prevent rough edge from sewing. Sew green lace to inside of v-shape. Decorate front of shirt with an Irish saying, such as "˜Erin Go Bragh', which translates into "˜Ireland Forever', or "˜Happy St. Patrick's Day', with fabric paint.

Easter Themed Pajamas

Any pastel colored sweatpants and matching sweatshirt

Two large buttons

Small amounts white, black, and green yarn

Glitter or fabric paint

White, pink, and orange felt

Cut two ear shapes out of the white felt. Cut two matching shapes, slightly smaller, for the insides of the ears, out of pink felt. Glue pink felt onto white. Cut a nose shape out of pink. On front of shirt, sew button eyes onto chest area of shirt. Sew bottom of one ear slightly above and offset from one eye. Sew other ear on opposite side, both on the bottom of the ear and slightly above so ear does not completely flop over. With yarn, fashion both whiskers and mouth. Tack in place with thread. Cut carrot shape out of orange felt. Decorate carrot shape with glitter or fabric paint. Sew or glue near mouth shape. Top off with strands of green yarn.

Halloween Themed Pajamas

Black sweatpants

Black t-shirt

Glow in the dark fabric paint

Two black pom-poms

Small amount black yarn

Halloween is a favorite holiday and with growing festivities every year, any new projects should be kept as simple as possible. So keeping that in mind, be creative with this project, but no need to elaborate, as this will look as good as it was easy when finished. Lay out shirt and pants as if wearer was inside of them. Using glow-in-the-dark fabric paint, draw a giant spider web across the front of shirt and down onto top of pants. Once dry, glue pom-poms together and onto web center. Form legs out of yarn and tack in place with thread. Finish spider by adding eyes and leg joints and tips with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Christmas Themed Pajamas

White sweatpants

White sweatshirt

Assorted colored pom-poms

Green fabric paint

Another fun but very simple design! With paint, draw a string of lights at random over the front of shirt and pants, and onto edges. With scissors, carefully shape pom-poms so they are peaked at one end, resembling a Christmas light bulb. Glue at intervals onto your "˜string of lights'.

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