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Get some great ideas about how to find, create, or choose quotes and sayings to be used at your wedding.

A wedding favor tends to be a surprisingly important and difficult piece of the wedding preparations.Brides want something classic, something timeless, something up-to-date and contemporary, something fun and something that will, in a nutshell, remind their guests of the love and commitment being celebrated on that special day.This is, of course, no small order.The individual favors, whether classically traditional bags of candy and almonds, or more modern mixed CDs of the couple's favorite songs, can always be further personalized with a special quote.

Of course, choosing a special quote or phrase can be even harder than choosing what to give as a favor in the first place.The ideal quote will be something that resonates with both bride and groom, a hard task to overcome both because of the infinite options out there and the narrow selection of "perfect" sayings that work for each unique couple.However, by exploring a few basic areas and looking at some examples, it will be easier to focus your own search for the perfect wedding favor quote.

1.Think musically.Songs move us, music changes our mood and undoubtedly the first dance you had with your future spouse always springs to mind when you hear those first few bars of that old familiar song.You can easily draw on those memories and the emotion that music creates to come up with some fun and unique quotes.One recently wed couple danced their first dance together as husband and wife to Roberta Flack's "The Closer I Get to You."It was such an important song to them that they had the song's title used as their quote on all their favors.

2.Think seasonally.Though summer weddings are extremely common, couples are joined at all times of the year.Why not use the time of year when your wedding will be held for some inspiration?Spring brides can take advantage of the early blooms and disappearance of Jack Frost.Love blossoms and flowers like fall-planted bulbs; expand on the fertile and uplifting season in your wedding quote.Summer provides copious amounts of fun in the sun, rising temperatures and outdoor excitement.Use the bright and cheery atmosphere to parallel the high points in your relationship.Fall brings change and the maturing of the year.Fall brides can focus on the ability of their love and commitments to mature and grow while staying strong, or on the bounty and harvest-time celebrations occurring in the same season.Winter brides can focus on the blankets of snow mimicking layers of love, or on a relationship so close and warm it could easily and effectively melt away any semblance of chilly weather.Explore the season on your own: why did you choose that time of year for your wedding?What does it mean for you?

3.Think poetically.Poetry has lost some favor with the hip, happening and contemporary crowd, which is sad.Though Shakespeare may not be your style (check him out, though, before you decide), there are a number of wonderful modern poets whose words may capture the exact feelings you had, but could not quite phrase.Though the internet is always a good place to look for quotes, you may want to spend some time browsing in your local bookstore or library instead.The selections will be better and you will be able to get a more complete sense of the poetry you choose while it is in context.

4.Think literally.No, really: grab a dictionary.Look up definitions of wedding related words: wedding, marriage, love, commitment, party, friendship, loyalty, and so on.Providing definitions for the words your celebrating that very day is a very contemporary but still unique way to come up with wedding favor sayings.Do not be afraid to slightly re-write or amend the definitions as you see fit: it is your day, after all.

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