Fund Raisers: Free Raffle Ticket Template And Samples

How to create a raffle ticket from a template, with free samples of needed fund raiser information.

Many installed word processing programs have the capacity for making labels and tables. In consequence, a raffle ticket is small step away from being produced.

Items worth implementing on your templates are the event and organization that is sponsoring the raffle, the date and time it will take place, the cost of the ticket and, what the prizes are. You may want to spell out what the proceeds will benefit. If your organization has a fundraising license, note this on the ticket as well.

MS Works has an ideal method of pre-formatting the size and printing features before beginning your document. This often alleviates the headache of re-paginating later and having to re-do any previously finished layouts. Scan through the templates available. A 5-inch by 2 1/2-inch design is great for leaving a seller receipt name and number and a ticket number placed on each. A lot of information needs to be squeezed into three inches of space for the buyer's receipt. Remember though, too small and it might be easily lost. Too large is a nuisance.

MS Word also has a number of label templates to choose from. Again, if the size you prefer isn't available, "Customize" it and give it, its unique file name. Using the "New Label" option in Word I've made a 2 1/4-inch by 5-inch ticket by resetting the top and side margins to .5, the vertical pitch to 2.25, the horizontal pitch to 5", and reset the label height and width accordingly. The page size will need to be re-set to a landscape. The number of labels across and down is changed to 2 and 3.

On the document itself, format the page and internal borders so they will appear on the print preview. If a border does not appear in the preview, reset the page margins through the page setup command on the menu bar.

The added potential of MS Word's table application cannot be left out as a ticket template. With this feature the cells, or tickets, can be drawn right from scratch, or by utilizing the "table auto- format" templates available from the menu bar.

Since tearing off the customer's portion could be a bit tricky, consider a duplicate receipt system. With this endeavor, you will need to print out identical documents, which can be color coded or have a serial number coordinating both sets. Even carbon paper will work, though not recommended.

Using the all-in-one ticket method, consider buying a perforating cutting tool available in most stores where crafts and sewing supplies are sold. Most printers will handle carbon copy paper that is often perforated and manufactured specifically for sales, invoices and similar business specialties.

After applying all the information and formatting the ticket to the final stage, save your document as a template if you wish to use it again.

If unfamiliar with this feature, in MS Word just click "Save as" and in the "save as type" drop-down box, click the document template option, or *.dot.

In the MS Works word processor, the template file type extension is *.wpt. If you have forte for related spreadsheet programs, they usually have a similar template file-saving feature.

A 1-inch by 2-inch raffle ticket is ideal for a one-time drawing such as a door-prize offering. These can be created with the programs mentioned and by applying the same techniques. Then printed out on sheets, the columns should be cut apart and each ticket torn away later. Often referred to as admissions tickets, they are available in most office supply stores in double or single ticket roles. Also, some paper manufacturing companies offer raffle ticket template supplies but, for a cost.

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