Fund Raisers: Free Raffle Ticket Template And Samples

How to save money when fundraising by printing your own raffle tickets with this easy free template, which can be personalized. Includes ideas for a successful raffle sale.

Raffles are a great way to make money for a worthy cause, be it a school event, church fund-raiser, or whatever event you are trying to raise money for. Laws do vary from state to state in regards to how and if a raffle should be conducted, so be sure you check out any legality issues before starting.

Once that aspect is covered, one way to keep any moneys earned, earmarked for the original cause, is to design and print the raffle tickets instead of purchasing them. One immediate advantage of making your own is that you will be able to easily print only as many as you think you will need, but if sales are good, you can quickly do a second printing. This will also allow you to personalize a template to match each individual fundraising raffle you may do throughout the year. Save the basic template and reuse for different fund-raisers by simply changing the individual fund-raiser name. Keep in mind each raffle ticket should consist of two parts; one half with room for the buyer to fill-in their name, address, phone number, and a number corresponding with the number on the second part of the ticket. Ticket buyers keep the short piece with their numbers, and turn in the part with their identifying information on. Remember to use a number "ňúseries' on your tickets. Imagine a raffle where all the tickets sold had the same numbers! Created in any basic word processor, such as Microsoft Word, and printed on card stock, simply create into a pre-made layout, such as a business card. If your word processor does not have such a feature, Avery paper products offers a free download that works with both PC and Macintosh computers, that will provide numerous layout options. This, along with a paper cutter, is all you will need to print your own raffle tickets.







Sample Ticket #12345678910


Sample Ticket #12345678910

How can your organization put together a profitable fund-raiser? Approach local businesses to donate a product or gift certificate to be combined into a gift basket to be raffled off at your next social gathering, such as a church dinner. Homemade gifts offered as prizes are always a good ticket seller, for example a handcrafted quilt. On the other hand, approach businesses that offer services, instead of goods, such as carpet cleaners or lawn service professionals. Do not overlook volunteer services either, such as a promise to rake a yard, no matter how big. That would be a great raffle item at a fall time event. Sell tickets beforehand, through advertising, or setting up a table at the local grocery store (with permission) for an even bigger turnout. If the same old offerings are just not bringing in the sales, try raffling off something original, such as a dinner served by local celebrities, or how about a house cleaning by those same good-natured celebrities. Oftentimes, people would rather buy a raffle ticket that is going to have more than one winner. For example: Say the raffle tickets are being offered for sale at an afternoon picnic that started at noon, have the first drawings at 2:00 p.m. for third prize. Follow this up with a second drawing at 2:30 p.m., for second prize, with the grand prize drawing at 3:00 p.m. In all fairness, make sure and put the second and third prize winning tickets back in for the grand prize drawing, as that is what they originally purchased the tickets for a chance at! Be creative; get the word out, offer items that people will actually want to win, and you will increase sales, therefore increasing profits for your event. Most important of all is to have fun!

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