How to Gain Weight in Breasts

By Robin Raven

  • Overview

    It is something that young women must face on a daily basis: pressures about their body. Overweight women are told that their breasts and bodies are too big. Women of average size are told that their bodies need to be thinner but their cleavage needs to grow bigger. Thin women face acceptance, yet often receive pressure to have a bigger chest. The best solution is to focus on self-acceptance. However, for those who genuinely wish for larger breast size for their own satisfaction, there are some ways that you can gain weight in your breasts.
    • Step 1

      Eat a healthy diet. Never restrict yourself when you are hungry. Allowing your body to go to its naturally comfortable size can lead to a slight weight gain overall--and some of that is bound to go to your chest. Being overweight is not healthy, but all human beings need to have a healthy amount of body fat.
    • Step 2

      Exercise your chest muscles. By enlarging the size of the muscles that lie behind your breasts, you will make your breasts appear larger. This is the wisest, healthiest way of increasing the size of your cleavage area.

    • Step 3

      Try an herbal supplement. Check its approval ratings and the reputation of the company with the Better Business Bureau first (see link in the Resources). Go only with a company that has a proven record of success. Some herbal supplements are known to increase breast size.
    • Step 4

      Have children when you and your partner are ready for them. Pregnancy and breast feeding lead to a significant increase in breast size.
    • Step 5

      Try birth control pills. Some birth control pills have a side effect of increasing the breast size for some women. This should not be your primary reason for going on birth control pills. You should speak to your doctor about your concerns and desires.
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    • Warning:
    • Don't get caught up in increasing the size of your breasts. It's ultimately not what you should focus on for self-confidence... or should be focused on to get the attention of others. In the long run, breast size is of little importance.

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