About Gambrel Roof Steel Buildings

By Jennifer Eblin

  • Overview

    The gambrel roof style became popular in the 19th century, especially on barns and other outbuildings, but grew with the invention of steel buildings. These new barns replaced the older wood models because they were more durable and sturdy. Today gambrel steel buildings are popular in other forms including homes and greenhouses.
  • Benefits

    Gambrel steel buildings are different from other steel buildings because it gives owners extra space when it comes to storage. The double-pitched roof adds an additional slope to the interior, which isn't found on gable-roofed buildings, which have only one pitch. This adds space to the upper portion of the building. Those who use a loft system inside the building will find that they have more space for storage.
  • Post-Frame Buildings

    In a post-frame building with a gambrel, the inside is made of steel posts. These posts are attached and welded together to provide maximum support. The roof itself is added after the basic outline is completed below, with the gambrel portion made of bent pieces of steel. The exterior is then covered with a material chosen by the owner. Metal, wood siding and vinyl siding are all options used on the outside.

  • Garages

    Gambrel steel garages are an option that is gaining in popularity with homeowners. They are available with one bay or two bays, depending on the needs of the homeowner, and larger bays are also possible. Many of these include a window above the garage door, which allows light into the building. They often have a loft area above the floor, which provides additional storage.
  • Barns

    The gambrel roof style is often associated with barns; many modern barns still use this style today because of its benefits. Modern barns, especially smaller versions, are often made of steel. The steel is used on both the exterior and the interior supports because of the durability of the material. Barns made in this style often have a loft on the top and sometimes include a peaked gable on the front, which allows the user to attach a pulley for the transportation of hay and other stored items.
  • Miscellaneous Uses

    The popularity of gambrel steel buildings has led to an influx of other uses, some more unusual that others. The style is perfect for greenhouses because the double-peaked roof allows the sun to reach the plants without providing too much sunlight. It's also turning up on smaller barns and sheds used in urban areas where homeowners don't have the room for a full-size barn. In addition there are some that use gambrel steel buildings as their own home, with these houses popular in rural communities.
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