Game Instructions: How To Play Chinese Jump Rope

The rules and variations of the children's game of chinese jump rope.

Chinese jump rope is a simple and fun game to play. All you need is an elastic rope tied in a circle and two friends. Players A and B place the rope around their ankles and place their feet shoulder width apart while holding the rope taunt. The third player, player C, faces player A while standing on the outside of the ropes. The following series should be completed in one fluid motion, without any pauses, interruptions or missteps. At any time if a player fails to complete a jump, by either landing on the rope or off of the rope any time you're not supposed to, or by failing to do the jumps in the proper order, your turn is over and it is the next players try.

Player C goes first by jumping with up with both feet off of the floor and with one foot landing inside the rope circle and one remaining out nearest to the starting point, and saying "one". The next jump consists of, while still facing player A, jump so that your inside foot now sets outside the rope on the opposite side, and your outside foot now sets inside the circle, say "two". You repeat the same jumps, "three" is back at the first jump and "four" is the same position as two. Next jump with both feet landing inside the circle and say "in". Then jump and while still facing player A land with both feet outside of the circle with one foot on each side, and say "out". Jump slightly and land with one foot on each side of the rope, "on". Last, jump and hook your feet under the rope, twist you body and the ropes so that you now land facing player B with both sides of the rope being twisted by your feet, and say "twist".

So long as player C completes the series without mistakes, players A and B move the rope up to mid- shin and the jumper attempts to go through the series again. The play then progresses with the rope being raised from mid-shin to behind the knees and from behind the knee to mid-thigh and around the hips. Usually at this point it becomes impossible to jump over the rope and sitting or kneeling under the ropes and using your hands is acceptable as the rope progresses from the waist, to under the armpits, and finally to the neck. If a jumper successfully completes up to the neck, the rope travels back down to the player's ankles as players A and B spread their legs far apart for the jumper to attempt. As the rope travels up the body, the rope holders use their arms to make the rope stay wider. As with the regular series the play progresses up the body, concluding at the neck. The third series is where players A and B take out a foot so that the rope is only around one ankle on each player. As the play progresses up the body, the rope holders turn sideways once the rope gets to the body so that the rope stays skinny. Once a player manages to go through all three series, they have completed the cycle and it is another person's turn to jump. Player C now takes the place of player A or player B and it is their turn to try and complete the series.

Chinese jump rope is a simple childhood game that does not require a lot of equipment to play; it does, however, require a lot of stamina and energy. Good luck and have fun.

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