Gamecube Games: Paper Mario 2 Tips, Tricks And Cheats

Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door is the latest Mario role-playing game, chock-full of secrets, puzzles and in-jokes. Find some tips on playing it here!

Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door for GameCube is a role-playing game in the tradition of Super Mario RPG and the N64's Paper Mario but with some interesting twists. The graphics, storyline and music are all new and improved, with a host of brand-new playable characters. Choose from a shy Koopa, a would-be archaeologist female Goomba, an uninspired spirit actress, a baby Yoshi, an ex-Shadow Siren and a hermit Bob-omb for your two-person party. Each character has a background story and personality and their abilities must be combined to complete the game.

There are a few tips that will be of use to you while playing Paper Mario 2 that are not explained thoroughly in the game Some are secrets that will make your play more exciting and fun, or enable you to level quickly and efficiently:

First Strike allows you to make the first move, letting you have a total of three chances to take down an opponent before their turn. It is an invaluable tactic that can be performed in several different ways, the most basic one being to simply jump on an enemy or hit it with Mario's hammer before it has an opportunity to touch you. Some partners can also initiate the First Strike; deflect Koops or throw Bobbery into an enemy's midst to be awarded the initial attack.

Star Pieces are common in all areas, though rarely visible. These can be used to purchase badges, some of which are easily missed elsewhere in the game or not available at all.

Shine Sprites are used to power-up partners. Don't bother holding onto these--power someone up as soon as you receive three Sprites by going to see Merlon in the house next to Frankly's. Your partner's hit points, offense, and defense will be boosted and they will learn a new attack. Do this for new partners as soon as you can afford the Shine Sprites. Look for boxes containing Shine Sprites wherever you can!

Almost immediately available (right after the second curse) is the opportunity to have Merlee cast a spell on you. This can be done by sliding through the second fence after entering Sub-Rogueport. If you can afford the Special, do so--this will initiate random "curses" during and after battles that can double your offense, defense, coin drops or Star Points. The curse will wear off eventually but it can be replenished by visiting Merlee again. This is especially handy when the curse takes effect during boss battles--the doubled Star Points can easily put you up an entire level.

Six story mode partners are available in Paper Mario 2, but there is one secret character as well. Ms. Mowz is available to you right after returning from Twilight Town. Go to the Trouble Center and take on the "???" assignment, then meet Ms. Mowz on top of Zess T.'s house. (Use the door on the left from the top floor of the Inn in Rogueport.) She will instruct you to find a badge that you can retrieve in the room where you fought Hooktail. Use Flurrie to blow away the paper covering and bring it back to Ms. Mowz, and she will join your party.

Though Luigi is not a playable character in this game, there is a way to change Mario's colors to look like him. At the end of Chapter Six, just after retrieving the Crystal Star in Poshley Heights, spring jump onto the pipe at left to get the L Emblem. (This is somewhat ironic after all that time with Pennington.) For Wario, a W Emblem is also being sold by the trader in Rougeport from time to time, and wearing both at once will change you to Waluigi.

Notice how Paper Mario 2 continuously makes reference to earlier Super Mario games, in particular with music? During Chapter Eight, once you are in the rafters, drop through the furthest-right grate into the changing stall. Like in the original Paper Mario, When you emerge you and your partner will have become 8-bit and the music from Super Mario Bros. will play! This effect will wear off when you leave the room.

The Yoshi you find in Glitzville will change colors depending on how much time passes before it is hatched. If you've just hatched your Yoshi and you'd like a different color (red, blue, orange, black, green, pink and white are available), reset to your last save point and wait a little longer--or move a little faster.

Partner Events:

Many of the events in the game depend on which partner you have with you and their abilities. At many points it is impossible to proceed without having the right person. Usually Flurrie will use her wind to discover secrets, but once obtaining other characters, some of the solutions are less obvious.

Excess Express - The Express is a small area and you can wander back and forth across it many times looking for the missing blanket without finding anything. The clue lies in room 003, where the occupant tells you about strange noises in the room next door. It is empty at first glance--however, use Vivian's ability to hide, and a ghost will appear in the room! This is essential again a short while later while you are searching for Zip Toad--the paper on the floor in your room is a major tip that he's hiding there. Use Vivian to conceal yourself and he will come out where you can catch him.

Fahr Outpost - You must have Admiral Bobbery as your partner when talking to the green Bob-omb--he already knows about the cannon. The Bob-omb will deny it any other way.

Other Hints (in chronological order as they appear):

To meet Don Pianta without spending the coins, simply buy a Dried Shroom and a Dizzy Dial at the shop in West Rougeport after replacing Zess T.'s contact lens. When the shopkeeper asks you about colors, answer "yellow".

During the Glitzville fights, a fan will send you gifts. The second cake is poisonous--your partner will become paralyzed. Don't touch it!

There is a third alley in Rogueport where you'll find Darkly. Inspect the wall to the left of Merlon's to get to him, and he will help you enter the pipe to Twilight Town.

You must enter through the chimney to get into Admiral Bobbery's locked house in East Rougeport.

In later chapters, Merlon will hint at a black chest in Hooktail's castle. It's in the room that had the spiked floor (use Bobbery to blow open the wall) and will allow Merlon to power your partners up to a second level.

On the train you'll meet a ghost who asks you to do him a favor and warns you what'll happen if you snoop. Don't read the diary--you'll die instantly and go back to your last save point.

In the Palace of Shadow in Chapter Eight, follow the lit torches to get through the maze.

The gameplay is fairly self-explanatory but does require some strategizing and thinking. Only by exploring all the towns available to you will you find all the Star Pieces, Shine Sprites, nostalgic references, secrets, badges and other aspects that make Paper Mario 2 an excellent game.

Good luck!

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