Free Games For Your Baby Shower

Free games that will liven up any baby shower.

What's a baby shower without those fun silly games that are played. These are great ice-breakers and gets everyone in a fun mood.

Guess the Baby Food:

Take 10 jars of different kinds of baby food (for example: beef, carrots, beets, etc) and take the labels off. Place a piece of masking tape on each jar and label it one through ten. Give each participant a piece of paper numbered from one to ten. Use toothpicks for tasting. Have the player put on a blindfold and try to guess what type of food they are eating. The one with the most correct answers wins.

Dress the baby doll:

For this game you'll need a life-sized baby doll, a blindfold, a stop watch and a box of disposal diapers. Have each guest don a blindfold, give them a diaper and have them diaper the baby doll. The one to diaper the doll correctly in the least amount of time wins.

Another dress the baby doll game:

Pair your guests and have them diaper the baby doll. One guest may only use their right hand, the other their left hand, the team to diaper the baby correctly in the least amount of time wins.

Guess Mom's Waist Size:

Each guest writes down how large (in inches) they believe the mother's waist is. Then measure the mom. The one to guess the closest to the mother's actual size wins.

Name the TV Kids

Write down the names of several TV families, such as The Brady Bunch, the Cosby Show, The Waltons. Have the guests name the children in the family. The guest with the most correct answers wins.

Move the Cotton Balls

Blindfold each guest. Have five cotton balls in a bowl. Give the participate a spoon and have them spoon out each cotton ball and place in it another bowl within 5 minutes. The one with the most cotton balls moved out of the bowl wins.

Rice and Clips:

Place uncooked rice in a plastic pail. Add about a half dozen paper clips. Blindfold your guest and have them remove paperclips from plastic pail. The one with the most paperclips wins.

Another Guess Mom's Waist Size Game:

Using a ball of string, have each guest measure out mother's waist size. Then each person uses the string to measure mom and see how close them came to her actual size. The one closest to the actual size wins.


Write the mother's first name and the father's first name down on a piece of paper. Using the letters in both names, have your guests write as many baby related items as possible. The one with the most items wins.

Baby Scramble

Use 10 words related to babies (for example diapers, crib) and scramble the letters. Have your guests unscramble them. The person who unscrambles all of them first wins.

Nursery Rhyme Game

Say a line from 10 nursery rhymes and have the guests guess at the title. The one with the most correct answers wins.

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