Games For Kids: Make Your Own Simple Building Blocks

Take a look around your house and you will be amazed at the materials you have to make building blocks for your children.

Making building blocks for your young children can be as simple as collecting different size boxes around the house. Kids love blocks of any size, shape or color. Here you will find a few ways to create different types of blocks for your children to enjoy.

Sometimes simple treasures are the best. You can complete these blocks alone or as a family project. Go around the house and collect as many different boxes as you can find. If you don't have much luck at home, go to your local grocery store. Tape the bottom of some of the boxes closed and cut the lips off the others. By doing this your children can build tunnels, secret passages, hidden rooms, or anything else their imaginations come up with. Now here is the fun part. Decorate the boxes any way you or your children would like. You can spraypaint each box a different primary color. Your children could paint on them or use crayons and markers to create their own designs. If you have material or construction paper available, you could staple that on and make patterns. There is no limit to the creative things you can do with these boxes.

Empty shoeboxes are another great resource. They are easy for someone with small hands to hold and big enough to make a great castle. You will want to tape the lids closed, and again, you can decorate these any way you like.

If you have very small children at home, you are probably surrounded with wet wipe containers. These can make excellent building blocks for a few reasons. They are made of plastic so they will last longer, they are already colorful, and you can fill the inside so the blocks make noise. How exciting would it be if the wall that your child made to crash his cars into actually made a crashing noise when it fell? For the sound effects, you can add things like rice, marbles, small pebbles, cheerios or clothespins.

If you are not into cardboard boxes, you can always go to your local craft store for help. Craft stores generally carry a variety of blocks that can be decorated any way you desire. If you are just interested in something your child can build with you may want to leave the blocks plain. However, this is another opportunity to let your child be creative and decorate the blocks. If you would like for them to be both playful and educational you could add letters and numbers.

If you are looking for a bigger project try this.

Soft Blocks - Gather any scrap material you have around the house. Or, go to the local fabric shop and buy some of their scrap or sale pieces, the more colorful the better. For each block you plan on making, you will need six squares measuring five inches each. Sew all of the sides together, wrong side out, except one. On the last square, sew three of the sides to the block. This should leave you with an opening. Turn the block right side out. Stuff it so that the block is nice and full. Make as many as you would like. If you are good with a sewing machine, you could also add letters or numbers to your blocks. Of course, this would need to be done before you sew the squares together.

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