Games To Play With Your Toddler

We all know that we should play games with our toddlers, but peek a boo is getting old, and they can't quite handle Candy Land.

We all know that we are supposed to play with our kids, but it is not always easy to do. There comes an age when peak a boo is not much fun anymore, and they can not quite manage CandyLand. Luckily there are a wealth of games that your child will enjoy, as well as learn from.

Young children love to discover new textures, and a fun game to allow him to do so is the bean game. For this game, all that you need is a bag of dry beans and a dishpan or large bowl. Dump the beans into the bowl and then let him have at it. At first, he will probably delight in sinking his hands into the beans, picking them up and running them through his fingers. As he begins to lose interest, give him a cup, a set of nesting measuring scoops or a large wooden spoon to dig around with.

Another game that involves texture is to assemble some different items and place them in a paper bag. Some good items are cotton balls, sand paper, a rubber ball, and a feather. Use your imagination to choose items that are very different in texture and size. Help him to pick one item out at a time, rub it against your and his face and say excitedly "feather", or whatever the name of the item is. Put the item back in the bag, shake it gently and do it again. This not only helps your child learn about texture, but it helps him develop a more extensive vocabulary.

The third game that your toddler will enjoy is a game in following directions. Set out several small toys, such as a ball a block and a book. Ask him to "please get you the book", if he has trouble, race over and grab it, thrust it in his hand and do a silly dance. Continue along, including the silly dance each time, until he picks up on it. He may even enjoy this more with some music playing in the background. Once he becomes adept at following your directions, make it more complicated such as "roll the ball to me" or "put the block in the bucket". Do not forget the silly dance! You will be surprised at how amiable your "terrible two" is when it is time to pick up his toys once he has mastered this skill!

One last thing to remember is that children this age love to imitate adults and the most fun game for your toddler may be to follow you around with a feather duster or mop.

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