Games To Play On Valentine's Day

There are several games that you can share with your children to make Valentine's Day even more special.

Valentine's Day isn't only celebrated by lovers. In fact, children all over the country look forward to Valentine's Day for many reasons. They share cards with each other, have parties in their classrooms, and often play games. There are several games that you can share with your children to make Valentine's Day even more special.

Children love to search for things, so why not play a game called "Hidden Hearts". You will need to cut out hearts from construction paper. You can decorate them if you have time. You can also buy precut hearts to use. Next, you need to hide these hearts all over the house or classroom. Let each child decorate his or her own little Valentine box. Then, give them the signal to find as many hearts as they can. You might want to attach a small piece of candy to each heart, and then award prizes for the child who found the most hearts.

Another great search and find game is a "Heart Treasure Hunt". In this game, you will need to place Valentine's in several areas of the classroom, house, yard, or playground. The Valentines can have small prizes attached to them. Before the children begin to hunt for the prizes, make out clues that you have written on small pieces of paper. Hand each child a clue. Be sure you have enough prizes and clues for each child to have at least one. Now, let the children begin their treasure hunt! They get to keep the prizes they have found.

Another fun game involves searching for heart-shaped rocks. Take your children on a nature walk, but instead of looking for any type of rock, have them look for rocks shaped like a heart. You can even expand the game to include other things shaped like a heart that they might find, such as leaves, flowers, etc. They can place their collections into Valentine decorated paper bags. Once you get back to the classroom or house, everyone can take turns showing their collections off!

What child doesn't love candy? Valentine's Day is a day of sweet celebration, so why not add a little Mexican flavor to your party. Purchase a piñata that would go well with a Valentine theme. There are so many different shaped piñatas available. Fill the piñata with candy, and let each child take a turn hitting the piñata while blindfolded. Eventually, someone will hit it hard enough for the candy to fall out, and then everyone can enjoy the sweet treats!

Instead of playing "pin the tail on the donkey", why not play "pin the heart on the cupid"? This is a simple variation of a popular game. Of course, to keep the game safe, you should attach double-sided tape or some other safe adhesive to the hearts. All you have to do is blindfold the children, and let them see if they can pin a heart on cupid's arrow. Have plenty of candy to hand out as a reward.

A progressive love poem works well in the classroom. You can start off a Valentine poem with one line, then hand it to the first student. They can add a line before handing it one to the child behind them. Once everyone has written a line for the poem, you can read it aloud. The children will definitely enjoy listening to their progressive poem! You can even make copies to give to everyone.

Valentine's Day is a day of celebration. Messages and gestures of love are typically given, and smiles abound. Help your children celebrate this special day by playing lots of fun games, and don't forget to have plenty of sweet rewards on hand!

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