Your Garbage And How To Keep Bears Out!

Keep black bears out of your garbage and off your property with these simple tips.

An increasing neighborhood nuisance, believe it or not, is the black bear. Now, when you think of bears, you may think of the deep woods, the mountains or maybe the zoo, but I'll bet you never think of back yards. More and more black bears are venturing out into neighborhoods as their habitat steadily declines and they become less and less afraid of people. In most states, it is illegal to kill bears and so they really have nothing to fear when it comes to humans.

Bears, who usually try to avoid people, are becoming braver and braver, even strolling through back yards in broad daylight. Bears have even been seen in school yards and shopping mall parking lots. Bears are not usually a threat to people and there really have not been many reports of bears attacking people unless they are threatened or cornered, but you don't want to take the chance of having one in your yard to attack your children or pets. If a child or pet runs around a corner and surprises a bear, you never know if that bear will run away or attack. The main thing that attracts bears into residential areas is garbage. Bears see garbage as easy pickings for a meal, especially when it is so hard for them to find food in their natural habitats. A garbage can is like a fast food restaurant for a bear, just walk up, dump it over and chow down! If you want to keep bears out of your yard, you need to discourage them by not having an easy access and tempting fast food restaurant.

Bears are not usually afraid of dogs, especially those that are in the house or chained up, so if you are looking for your dog to scare away bears, think again. Bears will go to great lengths to get to your garbage, some even breaking through doors to get at it. If you are going to keep your garbage inside in a garage or shed, be sure it has strong doors that can't be easily pushed in by a bear.

If you have to keep your garbage cans outside, there are still ways to discourage bears from getting into your garbage. Garbage can lids are totally useless, even the kind that clamp on. Bears can open virtually any kind of garbage can and will even tip the whole thing over and jump on it until something comes out. If a bear doesn't feel comfortable eating in your yard, he may simply take your garbage can into the woods with him and you will be left searching for your can in the morning. Also, rocks and heavy objects on cans are not much use as a bear is quite strong and can just tip the can over.

The best way to keep a bear out of your outside garbage can is to soak sponges or rags in ammonia and place them on top of the inside of your cans. Ammonia gives off a very strong smell that the bears do not like and it also masks the smell that attracts the bears in the first place. If you have a baby, you should know that bears are extremely attracted to the smell of dirty diapers. Ammonia should ward off the bears from your garbage and keep them from coming back to your yard, since their easy feast will now be ruined.

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