Garden Decor Tips: Decorating Outdoors

When planning your spring garden, don't forget the extra decor pieces that will add color and style to your lawn.

Planting a garden begins with preparing the soil and burying the seeds. But you can do more to enrich the beauty and significance of your vegetable patch or flowerbeds by adding a few key accent pieces. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a few eye-catching, soul-thrilling pieces that will make your garden complete.

Choices of theme, material, and arrangement are numerous. Visit any garden supply center, plant nursery, or department store lawn aisle for ideas. Browse the many colors, styles, and designs currently available that can enrich your garden's beauty and meaning. To get started, here are some of the possibilities you may wish to consider:

1. Choose a specific theme. Tropical or exotic shrubs or mini-trees, along with palm fronds or other greenery, can give your garden the illusion of blooming on a desert island. Add a faux coconut or pineapple as accents. Or you might prefer a woodland theme with small ceramic animals like bunnies, birds, and squirrels. A values-based theme might include engraved, decorated stones with virtues like "patience," "faith," and "perseverance."

2. Add a functional dimension. Your vegetable garden can look and grow better with the aid of a colorful scarecrow. Choose a traditional fellow or make one of your own with outdated clothing and leftover straw. Perhaps you would like to reserve an end section of the garden as a burial plot for deceased pets. Poor old Fido might enjoy eternal peace under the rose bushes, with a final resting marker bearing name and dates providing a visitation site for the kids.

3. Ring your garden with a fanciful border. A white picket fence completes an old fashioned look, while shredded tires or faux brick provide a tidy, protective margin. Or plant tall, colorful sunflowers around the edges of the plot, and in front of these put in a smaller hedge of blooming shrubs or plants. You can completely encircle the garden or accent one or two sides.

4. Turn on the water. A small cement pond provides an appealing attraction for birds who wish to bathe and wildlife looking for a cool drink. Add a few goldfish in good weather, and if the pond is several feet deep, they may be able to hibernate in cold temperatures. (Check with your local pet store manager.) Put in a small fountain that operates from a garden hose or nearby faucet.

5. Let each family member add their own memento. Children may plant windmills, while parents can add a ceramic plaque of remembrance or a special bush or plant for someone who has passed on. Perhaps Grandma's favorite rosebush holds a favored place among the other greenery. Great-grandfather's plow, Dad's play shovel from 40 years ago, and Mom's sun catcher hanging from a shrub bough make memorable accents that will enhance your garden for relatives and guests.

Plants are just the beginning of your garden. Plan borders, barriers, and lovely pieces of decor that will make your plot of ground special and personal.

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