Garden Flower Care: How To Grow African Violet From Seed

Give African violet seeds the correct environment and you will have success.

Growing African Violets from seed

African violets or sinnigia speciosa are very popular and beautiful plants. They are not usually grown from seed because only a few species will come true. It is possible to grow them from seed and there are many different ways to do it. Some people go to elaborate means to find better ways to grow them from seed. There have been studies to find out which ways work the best.

When you acquire some African violet seeds you will need to decide on which way you want to try to grow them. Do you want to use those little peat pots? Some say they work just fine. Or do you want to create the perfect environment for these seeds in order to get the best and biggest crop of African violets? Either way can be as successful as the other.

The primary thing to remember is to provide a temperature of about sixty five to seventy five degrees Fahrenheit. The soil will need to be very light, so perlite or vermiculite will need to be added to the soil. Sometimes a mix of perlite with about ten percent vermiculite is a good mix to use. You can purchase regular African violet potting mix but the perlite andvermiculite should be added to anyway. Also, it is good to cover the seeds with a very fine sifted mix of this perlite and vermiculite mix. Just cover the seeds by half centimeter. The mix can be sifted ahead of time using a window screen. This will give you a very fine sifted mix.

Peat is also used to germinate seeds, and with great success. Canadian peat is one of the best to use. If peat is used you should add some vermiculite, perlite, Epsom salt and green sand. This keeps the soil light and gives it good drainage. The Epsom salt will aid in germination. It should dissolve slowly as the seeds are being watered. Don't use too much or it may burn the plant. Peat and the other ingredients can be added to a good African violet potting soil.

A good and cost effective way to propagate a lot of seeds is by using clear plastic drinking cups. The three ounce SOLO brand of cup is good because it will hold up to the added moisture. Add the potting mixture of your choice and lightly cover with your choice of mix. You can then put the cup under a light or in a very sunny window. If you put it under an artificial light, the distance should be about eight inches. The warmth will aide in germination also. Be sure to use a low light so the temperature won't get too hot.

You can expect germination in about eight days. Sometimes it will take up to fourteen days for germination. Do not disturb the seeds when you water. An effective way to water your seed cups is to use a synthetic yarn wick. Put one end of the wick in a glass of water and the other end into the soil of the seed pot. Wet the wick beforehand with water and two drops of dish detergent. This will keep down plant disease.

Watch for little green dots of new African violet seedlings. To keep moisture on new seedlings you can invert another cup over the seed pot and it will act like a little greenhouse. The seedlings must stay moist because they are very fragile at this time.

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