What Is A Garden Pot And What Are Some Advantages For Using One?

What is a garden pot and what are some advantages for using one? Terra cotta garden pots come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It's almost ironic how the world takes us in a complete circle that starts...

It's almost ironic how the world takes us in a complete circle that starts with childhood and ends with adulthood.

Ask anyone under the age of adulthood how much gratification they get from helping their parents in their garden or flower bed and watch how many teens would rather have dirt as opposed to an Ipod in their hands on a Saturday afternoon.

But, as the universe continues to show us, if we're patient, those same teenagers shying away from gardening will eventually become the parents they ducked and dodged when they were young.

Obviously, there must be something about owning your own home that changes irresponsible and reckless kids into mature and responsible adults overnight.

And along with that responsibility, the eventual and undeniable urge to plant something will soon follow.

Since we adults have no way of actually fending off this transformation, the only other suggestion would be to be ready when it happens.

One way to make sure you don't look too green or naïve when working in the garden or flower bed is by doing a little research for your venture. And the first thing every potential gardener needs to know about is pots.

Ernst Swietelsky is the president of Pots Company. He has been in the business for more than 30 years. They first started importing wicker pots but now concentrate solely on ceramics.

Swietelsky knows everything there is to know about pots, especially the ones that he says most consumers will likely buy when first getting started.

"A very traditional pot is the round, reddish terra cotta," he said. "They also come in square shapes and in sizes from 4 to 36 inches. Blue is becoming a very popular color, as is white or thick white finishes."

"The trend now is to use a little bit taller pot," he added. "But, you have to be careful that they don't blow over in the wind."

Garden pots are becoming more and more the trend because gardeners are learning how much less stressful planting can be when done in a controlled environment.

One of the biggest advantages of planting in a garden pot is that it keeps insects away from your plant. This may not be that big of a deal to someone who is planting roses, but if someone is planting a vegetable such as tomato, having the roots in a pot as opposed to in the ground can drastically reduce the amount of insects the plant would have to deal with.

Another advantage of gardening in a pot is that it allows you more options of what you can plant. For example, if someone wanted to grow a plant that needed warm temperatures, it would be pretty tough to grow this plant in the ground in a colder climate state. But, if you put that plant in a garden pot and manipulate its surrounding environments, it might be possible to see a Florida Orange sprouting in Wisconsin.

One final advantage of growing plants in a garden pot is that it allows you to take your plant with you on the go. Not to say that many consumers are traveling around town with a pot of potatoes in their car, but if you rent your home, this allows you to still have your garden without having to deal with the landlord after digging up his or her backyard.

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