Garden Shrubs For Mild Climates

Garden shrubs that are great for mild climates. This article will give you several suggestions on type, how to plans and starting one.

If you have been planning to plant shrubs and also live in a mild climate, I would like to make a few suggestions for shrubs that might be useful.

Abelia Grandilora- grows 4'-6'. This is an all-purpose shrub with arching stems from a close crown. It has tubular flowers that are white, flushed with pink, from late spring till fall, then reddish calyx bracts carry it over the winter as such as appreciated color. The bright, shining foliage is coppery in the sun, a medium green in the shade, dropping in frost. Cut into the old wood only at the nodules to prevent unsightly stubs.

Abutilon- Flowering Maple- grows 6'-l0'. This is usually a tree-like bush with hanging bell-shaped flowers, white, yellow or pink, nearly continuous over the year. This is not a long living shrub, and these usually are hybrids.

Acalpha Wilkesiana- Copper Leaf (South Sea Islands) 3'l5'. This shrub does best in Florida and along the Gulf Coast, and is a softwood shrub there and in southern California. It is used further north as bedding or a semi-herbaceous hedge. The foliage is bronze-green with variations in white, orange, red or brown. It requires rich soil and moisture.

Aster Fruticosus- (South Africia) 2'3'. This is a spreading, woody shrub with typical Aster flowers. This shrub requires sun, heat and dryish soil. It has very strong purple flowers in the spring and they are very abundant and must be watched in combinations, or they may choke out the other plants. You will need to shear them after they bloom and also realize they do grow

very rapidly.

Aucuba Japonica 4'5'. This shrub has dark, lustrous foliage, and the flowers require pollination from a male plant to form the conspicuous red berries. This needs moist, fertile soil with drainage and when thriving, it can withstand moderate salt wind. When pruning you will need to tip back in spring, remove entire shoots in summer. It is very slow in growth: this is a good tub plant for foliage. It does take some sun in the north, but only requires half to total shade in the south where it is not much used. The Gold Dust Tree is a form of this shrub.

Azara Microphylkla- (Chile) 8'12'. This is a very graceful shrub with slender branches drooping in flat sprays or small glittering leaves. It may be flattened out against a light-colored wall for contrast to will bring out an unusually interesting growth pattern. The tiny yellow floweres bloom as early as February and are usually not even noticed until the fragrance begins to spread. These shrubs require humidity, some shade and a good soil. You should prune these only in the early summer.

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