Garden Sprayers

Garden sprayers vary, I would like to tell you about some of them, before you choose.

If you have a garden or most any plants at one time or another you will need to dust or spray. Naturally, depending on the area you need to cover, you would need different sprayers. I will make a few suggestions that may help in your decision on the type of sprayer you might wish to purchase and use.

The compressed air sprayer is one of the most commonly used for home use. Usually the sprayer will hold from one to three gallons of liquid spray. There also probably won't be an agitator in the tank, which will mean you'll find it necessary to shake the tank frequently while spraying to keep the materials inside well mixed.

This isn't hard to do and you'll get used to shaking this sprayer. These kind of sprayers come with an extension rod and an angle nozzle so that you can direct the spray. If you are spraying a plant, naturally you'll want to spray all of the foliage, on top and underneath. If you just spray the top you won't be necessarily penetrating the

undermost side of the foliage so be very sure to be thorough in your spraying process. Yes, it may take a few minutes longer to be thorough, but it is sure worth the effort and work. These tanks can be made of different materials from a heavy plastic to galvanized sheet metal or even brass.

If you can afford the sprayer with the brass tank, as they are more expensive but will not rust easily as does the other metal tanks, the sprayer will last a lot longer.

There is also a bucket pump and a small barrel sprayer that are used by many gardeners. If you are one of those who have a small garden plot on your property this bucket pump type sprayer may be just exactly what you need.

There are also power sprayers that are operated by electric or gasoline motors to produce more pressure than the hand operated ones. Now don't think you will need to go to this expense if you have perhaps just a small garden plot as these are used more readily for larger estates or parks.

If you have very large trees that need to be sprayed consult a local nursery in your area to see when they might have someone come out to spray the tall trees and also the price for this task. Don't risk getting up on a tall ladder to try to attempt spraying these tall trees: you might have a terrible accident and medical expenses.

Now don't just throw up your hands in the air and say, "What's the use?" when you have problems with insects and diseases, as you can eliminate these insects and diseases for the most part with your handy sprayer, no matter which kind you choose to obtain. And always remember as you gain experience in using your spray you will find that you will combat most pests successfully. Just be

consistent in your schedule with sanitation and spraying of your shrubs, plants and your garden.

Then sit on the porch and admire your shrubs, plants and garden crops, as you'll realize you enjoyed every minute of the time you spent outdoors.

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