Gardening Rose Bushes

Gardening rose bushes can be a delight, but first you must know what to buy and how to plant. Are you familiar with the various ways to buy a rose plant? This article will give you some pointers.

Are you a beginner in buying rose plants? Would you like to learn more about picking the best roses?

First of all, I would observe varieties in local gardens: drive around, perhaps stop and talk with someone about their roses. Most people will love discussing their beautiful roses: give them a compliment and the afternoon for research is yours. Go to local nurseries and talk to the people who work there and who have been selling roses in the area, ideally for many years. Here are some you can get either through the mail or from local nurseries:

Budded Roses: These are plants sold as "two year, field grown" after budding in nursery rows for two years.

Grafted Roses: These are usually intended for greenhouse culture. Discarded greenhouse plants are seldom good garden roses, be careful in choosing these.

Own Root: These are roses grown from cutting, sold from pots, usually small, and need at least two years to make a good garden plant.

Standard or Tree Roses: These are single canes bud two or more feet high.

Packaged Roses: These are small plants with tops and roots cut back severely. They look attractive and are also convenient. Canes, roots and buds should be plump and also unshriveled.

Dormant Roses: These are roses that have stopped growing and whose foliage has fallen off. Most roses are shipped this way.

Waxed Roses: These packaged roses were dipped in wax to delay drying out.

Potted or Tubbed Growing Roses: These were planted in eight inch special pots (larger in the West) and are on sale later than dormant plants that aren't available then.

I myself like to purchase dormant roses, but that is a personal preference.

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