Garlic For Health

The daily intake of garlic can prevent stomach cancer, influenza, and many other illnesses.

My husband was recently told that he is suffering from the beginning stages of stomach cancer. It was a huge shock and I spend hours researching the implications and trying to find if there was any remedy to the cancer.

We read that garlic (and onions) can reduce the risk of cancer, especially stomach cancer. We immediately incorporated garlic into our diets and found that there was a marked improvement in his health - we acknowledge that it could be the medication that he was given, but he had taken the same medication before, without any improvement in his health. We also noticed that our children, who were forever suffering from colds and influenza, were healthy and cough-free, even in the middle of winter. I was the only one suffering from any form of ill health - my migraine attacks had returned, after an absence of several years, with a vengeance.

With more research, I discovered that the daily use of garlic can prevent other illnesses, such as influenza and blocked arteries. I discovered the reason for my migraines - garlic can induce migraines in those who are susceptible to migraine attacks.

Stomach Cancer

Scientific studies in China suggest that garlic may neutralise cancer-causing chemicals and can reduce the risk of tumours. 16000 Chinese people were tested and the findings were that those people with the highest daily intake of garlic, were the ones least likely to suffer from cancer of the stomach.

According to scientists, herbalists and naturopaths, daily doses of garlic, and onions can:

*Lower blood pressure.

*Lower blood cholesterol.

*Act as a nasal decongestant - clearing catarrh

*Keep away colds

*Act as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent

*Clear up boils, because of the anti-bacterial properties

*Help clear up asthma

*Fight symptoms of arthritis

*Stop the formation of blood clots

Scientists have discovered that garlic is good for the heat by lowering blood pressure, suppressing cholesterol production in the liver, reducing harmful cholesterol and raising levels of lipoproteins in the blood. The component in garlic that helps prevent malignant tumours, is allyl disulphide.

The disadvantages of eating garlic are smelly breath, possible migraines and in some cases, when direct contact is made with garlic, the skin can become irritated, causing contact dermatitis. To combat bad breath, eat parsley.

The pungent odour that is released when a bulb is crushed, is due to the sulphur compounds in the garlic. Garlic is best eaten raw as many of the important healing components are destroyed when garlic is cooked. The recommended daily dosage is about 2 cloves per person, although with those suffering from heart conditions, the dosage needs to be increased to about 10 cloves a day! Alternatively, one can use ready-made garlic tablets, found at post natural health shops.

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